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From Joe Brockmeier <>
Subject Marketing Wiki Page (was Re: ACS - Better Marketing - YOUR HELP IS NEEDED)
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2013 15:12:09 GMT
Hey all, 

A couple of things on this:

- I've moved up the marketing page in the wiki so it's now a top-level

It'd be good to capture things that are works-in-progress there so
anyone can easily find them.

The cloudstack-marketing list is now live. To subscribe send an email

I will also send an email to -dev and -users for folks who might not be
following this thread. 

More in-line:

On Thu, Feb 7, 2013, at 04:47 PM, Musayev, Ilya wrote:
> To be completely honest, CloudStack is an awesome product, with one major
> flow - it's a "best kept secret" not too many know about. The last thing
> we want to see is for CS to become like BSD (awesome and stable) but
> barely used.

CloudStack isn't like BSD, though: It is used in production quite a bit,
though folks don't speak about it as much as we'ld like. 

> We lose the market to a peer pressure phenomenon known as OpenStack, I'm
> not saying OS is bad by any means, but realistically, many companies go
> for OS - because thats what everyone talks about, they don't use the
> approach of what is right for my environment, instead they go for the
> buzzword. Not many can actually get OS to work - in true open source way
> - and end up paying for various companies to make it work for them and
> maintain as well. We need to get the word out there for CS - we can do
> better.

Let's focus on promoting CloudStack rather than worrying about how much
love other projects get. 

> b.      Meet regularly on IRC to follow up on progress and discuss what
> can be done better

Sure - when do you propose?
> f.        Create Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube Channels or use
> existing means and other social media

We have these, but we need to get a social media policy in place. 
> g.       Blog with SEO in mind

Do we have specific ideas here? 

> 3)      Create support groups based on area of expertise, for example I
> can help with VmWare and CS setups, but I'm not good with XEN or KVM at
> the moment

This isn't a bad idea, but it's a bit beyond "marketing" and might be
biting off quite a bit at first start. 
> b.      Each issue resolved must be documented preferable on wiki  - any 
> documentation (including copy and paste from mailing list) is better than
> none

Sort of - this also gets into documentation, which we could also improve
- but I'd like to see us take a more organized approach to documentation
than "just copy and paste from mailing list". Unsorted information isn't
much more useful than information scattered on the mailing list. 

> 4)      Host local user group meetups

Yes, definitely. 

One of the reasons I started the creation of the marketing list is that
I am working on getting some "meetup in a box" stuff together and didn't
want to flood the -dev list with that project. 
> o   Gather list of people willing to contribute their time with skills
> and desired areas of involvement, even if you are a new comer or don't
> have enough experience with CS, we can use your help!
> o   Set the time for regular IRC meeting

Did you have any ideas on this? We already do the weekly meeting at
17:00 UTC on Wednesdays. Not sure if it makes sense to schedule a
marketing meeting close to that or not. 

Joe Brockmeier
Twitter: @jzb

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