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From Bharat Kumar <>
Subject [Discuss] Support for multiple ip ranges.
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2013 11:56:36 GMT
Hi all,

Currently in cloudstack  we can add multiple public ip ranges. we want to provide  similar
flexibility  for management  and guest ip ranges.

Motivation: There may be cases where some part of the subnet is allocated for some other purpose
and the admin wants to use the rest of the ip range or admin may want to add more ip address
 once the old ones are exhausted. Admin may want to  add the ip ranges form the same subnet
or from different one. Currently in cloudstack there is no flexibility to do this for management
and guest ip ranges (ip ranges from different subnets). 

This feature allows adding multiple management ip ranges in advanced and basic zones,  and
guest ip ranges in  basic zones.

Bharat Kumar.

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