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From Manan Shah <>
Subject Re: [Discuss] Support for non-contiguous vlan ranges.
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2013 22:55:11 GMT
Bharat, I reviewed the FS and I have the following question. It states

Admin can update the vlan range after creation or can add multiple non
contiguous vlan ranges while creating a zone. This can be done by
changing the UpdatephysicalNetwork api. It allows only extending of the
vlan. we plan to extend the api to update the vlan with multiple ip

What does it mean by "we plan to extend the API to update the VLAN with
multiple IP Ranges". Specifically the "Multiple IP Ranges" part.

Can you clarify?

Manan Shah

On 1/4/13 8:49 AM, "Manan Shah" <> wrote:

>Bharat, I have created a JIRA ticket as well as requirements page for this
>requirement. Please leverage that.
>Manan Shah
>On 1/3/13 10:33 PM, "Prasanna Santhanam" <> wrote:
>>On Fri, Jan 04, 2013 at 11:37:28AM +0530, Bharat Kumar wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> In cloudstack we specify the vlan ranges in advanced zone. These
>>> vlans are used while creating the guest networks.  Presently we can
>>> add only one continuos vlan range. There is no way to add non
>>> contiguous vlan ranges.
>>>  So we propose to add a feature to support adding multiple vlan
>>>  ranges.
>>> This feature will enable adding non contiguous vlan ranges.
>>Will it support extending the ranges in non-contiguous increments
>>after the zone has been created?
>>So I start with 100-200 and then later extend my switch and cloudstack
>>to do 300-400, 492 and 50-80 say?

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