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From Manan Shah <>
Subject FW: Questions related to Regions Feature
Date Tue, 15 Jan 2013 20:27:11 GMT

I reviewed the FS and I have quite a few questions. I have also reviewed
questions posted by Sangeetha and tried to cover all of her questions as
well. Please see the questions below and let us know your thoughts.

We should try and capture all of these items in the Regions FS / Design
spec if possible:

1. Assumption is that we will support both NFS as well as ObjectStore as a
secondary storage. This also means that all templates stored in NFS
storage (Region-wide) should be available for all zones within a region.

2. Assumption is that we will continue to support NFS as a secondary
storage at the zone level as well as add support for NFS as secondary
storage at the region level

3. Addition of a new Region to a existing Cloud:
A. New Region Addition:
	* Current functionality is to add a new Region to every existing region.
This is undesirable. We should replicate the regions DB table just like
Domain/Accounts, etc so that end users have to add it only in 1 place
	* Please update the FS with the expected admin workflow
B. Sync of Domain / Account / etc:
	* You had mentioned that this would be done only on a as-needed basis.
This seems to be confusing. We need to clearly indicate when would the DB
tables be synced. Our expectation was that when a new Region is added, all
necessary DB tables will get populated
 from sync'd DB Table list
C. Sync of Projects:
	* This is in requirements but seems to be missing in FS

4. Sync of Domain / Account when a Region goes down and comes back up:
* You seem to indicate that this would be done on a on-demand basis. Not
clear of the use cases. FS needs to document the details.

5. Removal of Region:
* On Region deletion, what happens to all of the objects that are owned by
that Region (Domains/Accounts/Projects)

6. Steps to add / remove Regions:
* Please document the procedure to add/remove regions.

7. Sync of Global Params:
* Assuming that account/domain/etc related global configs will be
propagated. Please list all of the global params that will be propagated.
Global Param changes require a re-start of Mgmt servers. So, if a domain
related global config is changed, would we
 display a message for all regions to re-start mgmt servers?

8. Resource Limits at the Global level: For example, if a user is
authorized to spin 5 VMs,  that should be 5 VMs for the entire cloud and
not 5 VMs for a Region

9. API Related changes:
* Please indicate in FS all API changes (new APIs as well as changes made
to existing APIs)
* What about createTemplate(), registerTemplate(),extractTemplate() APIs?
How will the copyTemplate() API change?

10. DB Changes:
* Can you please document all DB related changes? New tables and existing
table changes?

11. SSVM behavior changes:
* Are there any SSVM behavior changes?
* If a VM is being launched in Zone 1 whose template is in secondary
storage accessible to zone 1 but physically located in zone 2, would the
SSVM from zone 1 be able to fetch template from secondary storage in zone

12. I understand that the EC2 SOAP support requires another authentication
mechanism. Assuming we will support this as well.

13. Upgrade Support:
* Assuming we will support all current zones to be in 1 region (with
zone-wide secondary storage)
* Assuming we will support mix-and-match use case where users can pick
which zones belong to which regions?
* How will the DB be replicated and split apart?
* Assuming we support mix-and-match, please document the steps that the
admins would have to go through

14. You have mentioned some details in FS related to authentication. Can
you elaborate this or remove it?

Manan Shah

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