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From Howie Yu <>
Subject Re: [MERGE] Merge Javelin branch into master
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2013 01:58:23 GMT
Hi Alex

Yes, You are right . I can add testSourceDirectory into pom.xml. I just
want to make sure why not use maven conversion layout ~:)

If I write any unit test for any module , should I still follow the
standard way post my code into review board?

Beside, I find Javelin branch have some error on pom.xml file , can I
report here?


incubator-cloudstack/framework/ipc/pom.xml) has 1 error
Not authorized, ReasonPhrase:Unauthorized. and 'parent.relativePath'
points at wrong local POM @ line 15, column 11 ->

I think the pom.xml of cloud-framework-ipc use wrong parent

The parent pom should be cloudstack-framework


Not cloud-engine


On 13/1/9 上午1:08, "Alex Huang" <> wrote:

>> The problem that Howie is talking about is that none of our projects
>> are structured in the "standard" maven layout.  This isn't just a test
>> source issue.
>I'm saying maven have a way to accommodate for that by specifying exactly
>where the directory should be in the pom.xml.
>Like I said though, I don't know why it doesn't follow standard layout.
>Maybe it was just easier to do the maven conversion this way?  I think
>all the directories in javelin has follow the current layout in 4.0 as
>well.  We can make all of the javelin directories follow the standard if
>there was no clear call on how to layout the structures originally.

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