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From Sheng Yang <>
Subject [ACS41] IPv6 development branched out
Date Sun, 27 Jan 2013 07:41:57 GMT

I've branched out from master for IPv6 development, and pushed the
first set of patches.

The current code base should able to create one IPv6 advance shared
network, and start one IPv6 VM on it. The end user need to ensure the
client using LL type DUID(see
to get the DHCP address correctly. But for testing, you also need a
updated systemvm template, mainly due to the upgrade of dnsmasq.

I've created the systemvm template which is necessary for this branch
to work(by hand, didn't use the broken script). I'd
like to share it as well, but don't know where to put. How about Or some FTP place?

I believe before 4.1 release, we should able to generate the template
using the scripts and update the official template,
but since it's a bug fix, we can deal with it later, after 4.1 code

I am still working on the branch. It lacks of many sanity checks, and
likely full of bugs. But at least I am able to go through the whole
process to create a VM and get IP then say it works, once...

For anyone who interested, please check ipv6 branch.


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