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From Sheng Yang <>
Subject [RFC][ACS41] "ipv6" branch
Date Tue, 29 Jan 2013 19:43:21 GMT

I am still working on the branch, but I want to get people's notice
now, for your comments, in order to get it merge back to MASTER in

The FS is at:

Current code targeted at phase 1: advance shared network only.

Basically, I've set up a new table, "public_ipv6_address", which is
used to track IPv6 allocation. I didn't reuse the old
"user_ip_address" because it's impossible to allocate all the
unassigned IPv6 address in the table, like we did for IPv4 public ips.

"public_ipv6_address" table would keep track to the all public IPv6 ip
we've already allocated.

I also update nics, vlan, and networks table to accommodate IPv6 gateway/cidr.

Mostly the code didn't touch the current ipv4 path.

I've tested basic IP assignment on XenSever. We have some troubles on
KVM side, but seems there are bugs come from master branch.

And it's API only version for now. And you would need a updated
version of dnsmasq to get it work. I've built the template for who
want to try it. But I am not sure where to upload.


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