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From Frank Zhang <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Integrate Cisco UCS with CloudStack
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2013 19:06:32 GMT
Hi community:
	I'd like to propose a proposal for integrating Cisco UCS(unified computing system) with CloudStack.
UCS  unifies computing, networking, 
management, virtualization, and storage access into a single integrated architecture. This
unique architecture enables end-to-end server visibility,
management, and control in both bare metal and virtual environments, and facilitates the move
to cloud computing and IT-as-a-Service with Fabric-Based
Infrastructure. You can find detailed information about UCS at

	The first phase is to integrate UCS with CloudStack baremetal, here is a proposed workflow
to enable this.  Let us define "administrator" as 
the person responsible for the overall cloud service, including the physical infrastructure.
 Similarly the "user" is the end user that seeks to create VMs.  

1.	Using the CloudStack UI, the administrator adds a "Managed Host Manager" of type UCS. 
The admin provides API endpoint and credentials.  
	This gives CloudStack programmatic access to UCS Manager and an identity with authorization
to implement the following functions.
2.	Administrator creates a "UCS Resource Pool" per Service Profile Template that he wants
to use
3.	Administrator creates a Baremetal Cluster
4.	Administrator chooses the required UCS Resource pool (that matches his Service Profile
requirement for a cluster), 
	selects an available blade, selects a Baremetal template and adds the blade to the Baremetal
5.	Repeat Step 4 above to add more hosts in the cluster
6.	Now user is able to start vm on baremetal host using CloudStack baremetal provisioning

	At first stage, I would like to limit the effort to CloudStack basic zone, however, we will
seek to support advanced zone by leveraging UCS's  vlan programming
feature. There is a high level PRD for full features of UCS-baremetal integration.
	and JIRA ticket is here

	please free feel to share your thoughts, thank you! 


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