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From Jessica Tomechak <>
Subject RE: cloudmonkey docs
Date Mon, 07 Jan 2013 22:56:44 GMT
Thanks for adding a cc directly to me. It's helpful.

There has been a longstanding request for creation of a User Guide for the
version of CloudStack. Given our small writing team, it has always been edged out of the priority
queue by other writing tasks. If there is someone now willing to step up as a writing resource,
that's fantastic.

A separate end-user's guide is what I'd advise. However, you might get a head-start by re-using
a lot of material from the Admin Guide. Any task that both admins and users can do, such as
spinning up a virtual machine, should appear in both guides. And a lot of the overviews, like
"what is a virtual machine," should be useful to end users also. It's a starting point.

Inside of, there has always been the expectation that people setting up clouds
would rebrand them, possibly changing the UI greatly, so that any user guide we provided would
have to be rewritten by the cloud owner. Also, we have started to include more help text right
in the UI, and this is another part of the end-user documentation.

Jessica T.
CloudStack Tech Pubs

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From: Pranav Saxena 
Sent: Monday, January 07, 2013 1:06 PM
Cc: Radhika Puthiyetath; Jessica Tomechak
Subject: RE: cloudmonkey docs

Hi Sebastien , 

I was actually about to suggest what you just mentioned. Perhaps it would be a better way
of segregating information from a user point of view. A  detailed user -centric UI flow and
an API usage might give CloudStack users a better feel about using the product and then further
leveraging certain aspects of it as per their needs . Further addition of cloudmonkey to it
from a user perspective would  highlight the user guide's significance since it's the power
which users can possess while playing with CloudStack. 

Not sure if this might create any redundancy anywhere. 

@Radhika /Jessica - Further Comments ?


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From: Sebastien Goasguen [] 
Sent: Tuesday, January 08, 2013 2:25 AM
Subject: Re: cloudmonkey docs

On Jan 7, 2013, at 9:37 PM, Joe Brockmeier <> wrote:

> On Mon, Jan 7, 2013, at 02:27 PM, Sebastien Goasguen wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Where do you guys think is the best place to put cloudmonkey docs ?
>> We currently have an admin guide and dev guide and an install guide.
>> I am inclined to create a new user guide aimed at users of a 
>> cloudstack based cloud.
> I'd think it belongs in the admin guide. What else would go in the 
> User's guide? (Anything?)

-How to use the UI from a user point of view -How to use the API with a focus on user role

Otherwise, where do users of clouds learn how to use a cloudstack cloud ?

> Best,
> jzb
> --
> Joe Brockmeier
> Twitter: @jzb

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