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From Saksham Srivastava <>
Subject RE: [DISCUSS] IP Address Reservation within a network
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2013 17:40:48 GMT
The admin can specify the CIDR to be used for guest VMs (Guest CIDR) during advanced zone creation.

This CIDR is used by default for the Guest Networks.

The proposed plan is to have a new parameter say "CS-GuestVM CIDR" which will be a subset
of the Guest CIDR.
For instance at the time of zone creation the Guest CIDR is
And the "CS-GuestVM CIDR" is specified as
So the remaining IPs can now be used for Non Cloudstack VMs/Physical servers.
The plan is to now use  only  as the CIDR for Cloudstack Guest Vms.

Currently when the user wants to create a new Guest network , he specifies the gateway and
subnet mask.
The proposal is that he will have additional options to specify the start range and end range
for guest vms. The remaining IPs can then  be used for Non Cloudstack vms.

Also the ranges will be frozen once the network is created.


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Subject: Re: [DISCUSS] IP Address Reservation within a network

The proposed workflow seems counter-intuitive to me from an end-user perspective. 
How about: reserve a range of *usable* ip addresses. Then the admin is free to use the remainder
of the range.
1. Is it one range or multiple?
2. Are there update semantics, or are the ranges frozen once the network is created?

On 12/31/12 2:11 AM, "Saksham Srivastava" <>

>Hi all,
>I have started looking into this feature and would like to have the 
>community feedback/suggestions on it.
>I would be sharing the FS shortly.
>On Saturday 22 December 2012 06:51 AM, Manan Shah wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I would like to propose a new feature for IP Reservation within a 
>> I have created a JIRA ticket and provided the requirements at the  
>>following location.  Please provide feedback on the requirements.
>> JIRA Ticket:
>> Requirements:
>> +within+a+Network
>> Regards,
>> Manan Shah

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