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From "ASF IRC Services" <>
Subject Summary of IRC meeting in #cloudstack-meeting, Wed Jan 30 17:04:52 2013
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2013 17:54:52 GMT
Members present: likitha_, topcloud, edison_cs, Humbedooh, kdamage, ke4qqq, jlkinsel, cloudbot,
bhaisaab, serverchief, Animesh

Meeting summary:

1. Preface

2. Weekly meeting

3. u-ichi 

4. topcloud

5. serverchief 

6. topcloud

7. serverchief 

8. orzzz_ 

9. likitha_ 

10. kdamage 

11. jlkinsel 
  j. jlkinsel to submit a user auth plugin, discussion will be on ML (bhaisaab, 11)

12. iswc 

13. Humbedooh 

14. edison_cs 
  j. edison_cs and John to work on a branch together based off javelin for storage work (bhaisaab,

15. bhaisaab 
  d. bhaisaab released last community version of cloudmonkey v1 on pypi
(bhaisaab, 15)

16. Animesh 
  n. Animesh to email community on action items on IP clearance and pending reviews (bhaisaab,
  w. SFBayArea CloudStack group going strong, looking for venue to host first meetup in Feb
(bhaisaab, 16)

17. Noah

18. chipc 

19. ke4qqq 
  o. ke4qqq will work on IP clearance, runbook can take some help from community (bhaisaab,

IRC log follows:

# 1. Preface #

# 2. Weekly meeting #
17:07:22 [bhaisaab]: Let's start in reverse order
17:07:52 [bhaisaab]: #chair widodh 
17:08:07 [bhaisaab]: widodh: anything to report, discuss, packaging updates?
17:09:29 [bhaisaab]: looks like he's not here, we'll circle back if he comes again

# 3. u-ichi  #
17:09:52 [bhaisaab]: u-ichi: hi anything to discuss or report?
17:10:39 [bhaisaab]: ACTION we'll wait for 30s for each person and circle back when they
17:10:59 [bhaisaab]: alright, let's move on

# 4. topcloud #
17:11:17 [bhaisaab]: topcloud: you're up
17:11:38 [topcloud]: been sick and busy with work...nothing to report.
17:12:22 [bhaisaab]: status of javelin and anything related to merging you want to share
17:13:01 [bhaisaab]: chipc wanted to get this topic discussed: " Getting merges from feature
branches merged into master or javelin ASAP"
17:14:22 [bhaisaab]: so I think we're on track, javelin will be merged on code freeze date
itself, okay let's move on

# 5. serverchief  #
17:14:30 [bhaisaab]: serverchief: you're up
17:14:59 [topcloud]: bhaisaab: sorry...just saw your message.  javelin is ready and just waiting
for the last merge.
17:15:07 [bhaisaab]: oh, oops too fast

# 6. topcloud #
17:15:37 [bhaisaab]: serverchief:  sorry we'll just go forward again (in reverse :)
17:16:22 [bhaisaab]: topcloud: great, we'll merge last, you want to discuss more on this?
or we'll continue on ML?
17:17:44 [bhaisaab]: okay let's move on, topcloud suggested before meeting started, he has
slow Internet bandwidth, we'll continue any further discussion on ML

# 7. serverchief  #
17:19:44 [bhaisaab]: okay let's move on
17:19:52 [bhaisaab]: # topci orzzz_ 

# 8. orzzz_  #
17:20:02 [bhaisaab]: orzzz_: anything to discuss or report
17:20:07 [serverchief]: sorry, i was away - nothing to report ATM
17:20:14 [bhaisaab]: oh thanks
17:21:00 [bhaisaab]: orzzz_: nice patch on snapshots btw
17:22:37 [bhaisaab]: alright, likitha_ you're next, anything to discuss or report?

# 9. likitha_  #
17:23:22 [likitha_]: no, have nothing to report
17:23:37 [bhaisaab]: thanks, kdamage you're up

# 10. kdamage  #
17:23:44 [topcloud]: likitha_: have you decided to write the unit tests in spring?
17:23:47 [kdamage]: Nothing today
17:24:37 [bhaisaab]: thanks kdamage

# 11. jlkinsel  #
17:25:14 [jlkinsel]: howdy!
17:25:17 [bhaisaab]: jlkinsel: you're next
17:25:22 [bhaisaab]: hi!
17:25:37 [jlkinsel]: sorry been quiet - consulting gig I was on the last 7 months is over.
I'll be more active again.
17:25:44 [jlkinsel]: question: tomorrow is cutoff for new features, yes?
17:26:43 [bhaisaab]: yes tomorrow we will do code freeze and after javelin is merged as agreed
on ML, we'll cut 4.1 branch
17:27:27 [bhaisaab]: jlkinsel: should we move on?
17:27:27 [jlkinsel]: I've got a user auth plugin I'd really like to get in...not quite working
yet, but will devote today to it if it can get in? This is for the code donation that was
made back in september from a vendor
17:27:49 [jlkinsel]: I can ask this on ML but wanted to bring up here. I've got 1 other item
as wel.
17:28:19 [bhaisaab]: #info jlkinsel to submit a user auth plugin, discussion will be on ML
17:28:27 [jlkinsel]: ok
17:28:56 [jlkinsel]: next - I owe an update on getting planet cloudstack going. Remember that?
Absolutely zero progress. I've pinged infra and get nothing but attitude.
17:29:11 [bhaisaab]: great, since we've very few people here today, let's discuss on ML
17:29:12 [kdamage]: Yup
17:29:18 [jlkinsel]: ok. i'm done move on.
17:29:26 [bhaisaab]: thank jlkinsel 

# 12. iswc  #
17:29:42 [bhaisaab]: iswc: anything to discuss or report?
17:30:58 [bhaisaab]: alright let's hear from Humbedooh next

# 13. Humbedooh  #
17:31:19 [Humbedooh]: who what where?
17:31:27 [Humbedooh]: ACTION hides ;(
17:31:43 [bhaisaab]: Humbedooh: lol, just going to each person, anything to ask, discuss,
report, or we move on?
17:31:51 [Humbedooh]: move on ;)
17:32:03 [bhaisaab]: alright edison_cs you're next

# 14. edison_cs  #
17:32:26 [bhaisaab]: edison_cs: updates on storage you want to discuss, or questions, reports?
17:32:27 [edison_cs]: yes
17:32:29 [edison_cs]: I have
17:33:04 [edison_cs]: John and I had discussed the storage stuff two days ago
17:33:24 [edison_cs]: we agreed on something, that I'll create a new branch
17:33:46 [bhaisaab]: based off javelin to work on, yes?
17:33:54 [edison_cs]: then show him the code, and we will work together on the storage 
17:34:01 [edison_cs]: yes, on javelin
17:34:23 [edison_cs]: I'll create a branch after this meeting
17:34:23 [bhaisaab]: #info edison_cs and John to work on a branch together based off javelin
for storage work
17:34:46 [bhaisaab]: great
17:35:02 [bhaisaab]: this will be on asf git or you'll do that on github, elsewhere?
17:35:16 [edison_cs]: it will in asf git
17:35:38 [bhaisaab]: edison_cs: great thanks, should we move on?
17:35:38 [edison_cs]: yes
17:35:53 [bhaisaab]: cloudbot: you're next (hope it's not a bot :)
17:35:54 [cloudbot]: bhaisaab: Error: "you're" is not a valid command.
17:36:01 [bhaisaab]: oh :P
17:36:08 [bhaisaab]: ACTION next

# 15. bhaisaab  #
17:36:38 [bhaisaab]: working on cloudmonkey to help it discover new apis, fixed colored output
to use Pygments
17:36:55 [bhaisaab]: will work on systemvm building scripts starting next week
17:37:25 [bhaisaab]: I'm changing config paths in cloudmonkey while cmds will be backward
17:37:53 [bhaisaab]: #info bhaisaab released last community version of cloudmonkey v1 on pypi
17:38:16 [bhaisaab]: we'll use the pypi channel of cloudmonkey to publish voted and official
releases of cloudmonkey from now on
17:38:18 [bhaisaab]: ACTION done
17:38:24 [bhaisaab]: Animesh: you're next 

# 16. Animesh  #
17:39:08 [Animesh]: IP Clearance : 3 votes from IPMC are clear without objections, 4 more
should be cleared by tomorrow. 
17:39:23 [Animesh]: I have asked individual to be ready to check in their code. 2 of the issues
 are in already
17:39:31 [bhaisaab]: Animesh: can we get them ASAP and merge them in master
17:39:46 [bhaisaab]: this is so javelin merge and code freeze can be on time
17:39:47 [Animesh]: 4 of them we need to wait until tomorrow
17:40:09 [bhaisaab]: okay, can you share list of those which can be re-reviewed and merged?
17:40:23 [Animesh]: Yes will do
17:40:53 [bhaisaab]: thanks Animesh, anything on getting reviewboard cleared before code freeze?
17:41:01 [Animesh]: Ok reviewboard had good activity in last 2 days but still we have many
issues in reviewboard
17:41:46 [bhaisaab]: yes, so we'll wait till 31st evening and topcloud or one of us can merge
javelin during late hours on 31st
17:41:53 [Animesh]: I will send out a note to community again with action items
17:41:54 [bhaisaab]: thanks,
17:42:10 [Animesh]: 24 features have been moved out to 4.2
17:42:16 [bhaisaab]: #info Animesh to email community on action items on IP clearance and
pending reviews
17:42:24 [bhaisaab]: great
17:42:39 [bhaisaab]: as soon as we cut 4.1, master would be available for 4.2
17:42:40 [topcloud]: so chipc had a question on patches right?
17:42:47 [topcloud]: how are we proceeding with that?
17:42:50 [Animesh]: SFBayArea CloudStack : 98 members, still looking for venue to host first
meetup in Feb. Need to sync up witj John kinsella offline
17:43:11 [topcloud]: why not use citrix startup accelerator office?
17:43:19 [topcloud]: nice big space with good seating capacity
17:43:27 [topcloud]: in 4555 gpa?
17:43:29 [bhaisaab]: #info SFBayArea CloudStack group going strong, looking for venue to host
first meetup in Feb
17:43:30 [Animesh]: Yes we could but prefering non-citrix location
17:43:59 [edison_cs]: first event, in citrix, I think, it should be ok
17:44:04 [Animesh]: citrix is alwways an option
17:44:19 [topcloud]: why should it matter as long as citrix is neutral in it?
17:44:27 [bhaisaab]: yeah, location should not matter, any venue should be fine as long as
hackers get to meetup
17:44:36 [Animesh]: yes it probably does not matter much, 
17:44:56 [Animesh]: I will close on it by next week
17:45:11 [bhaisaab]: okay we'll go for irc admins now (alphbetically they show up on the top
in my users list)
17:45:21 [bhaisaab]: Animesh: sorry should we move on
17:45:26 [jlkinsel]: vyatta volunteered, no?
17:45:26 [Animesh]: yes
17:45:48 [bhaisaab]: jlkinsel: yes, I think we got an email from those guys on ML
17:45:58 [jlkinsel]: yeah. anyways we can discuss separately, I'm happy to help out
17:46:12 [bhaisaab]: jlkinsel: okay let's do that on ML?
17:46:19 [jlkinsel]: yep
17:46:19 [jlkinsel]: onward
17:46:27 [bhaisaab]: alright, moving on to Noah 
17:46:34 [Animesh]: let me cjeck my email on vyatta

# 17. Noah #
17:46:42 [Animesh]: probably missed it
17:46:50 [bhaisaab]: Noah: anything to discuss, report, ask?
17:47:49 [bhaisaab]: okay moving on to chipc (if he's here)

# 18. chipc  #
17:47:59 [bhaisaab]: chipc: anything to discuss
17:48:57 [bhaisaab]: he must be /away, alright ke4qqq you're next

# 19. ke4qqq  #
17:49:13 [ke4qqq]: so first
17:49:36 [ke4qqq]: I guess there's IP Clearance, and more of that should be finished with
72 hours rsn, so I'll close out those votes. 
17:50:07 [bhaisaab]: thanks, let's speed up and get them before code freeze
17:50:07 [ke4qqq]: aside from that - the runbook update could use eyes/testing. 
17:50:37 [bhaisaab]: ke4qqq: if we don't make it in time, are we going to cherry pick them
on 4.1 or they won't get into 4.1?
17:50:38 [ke4qqq]: - infra handed me 'keys' to help topcloud get the wiki html rendering changed
17:50:52 [ke4qqq]: bhaisaab: that's a question for our release manager :) 
17:50:52 [bhaisaab]: ke4qqq: that was great
17:51:02 [bhaisaab]: ke4qqq: alright will post that on ML
17:51:29 [ke4qqq]: aside from that nothing - I am in Brussels for puppetcamp/BACD/fosdem 
17:51:30 [ke4qqq]: EOF
17:51:37 [bhaisaab]: Btw, is there a designated release manager, I consider everyone in the
PPMC wagon a release manager 
17:51:45 [ke4qqq]: bhaisaab: for 4.0.1 it's jzb
17:51:52 [ke4qqq]: for 4.1.0 its chipc 
17:52:17 [bhaisaab]: #info ke4qqq will work on IP clearance, runbook can take some help from
17:52:24 [bhaisaab]: awesome, thanks ke4qqq 
17:52:41 [bhaisaab]: Let's ask if anyone else want to share, discuss anything before we end
the meeting?
17:52:54 [bhaisaab]: ACTION circling back to widoh et al
17:53:08 [kdamage]: Send me the URL for run book I'll lend my eyes
17:53:31 [bhaisaab]: kdamage: checkout the ML, I know this one
17:53:45 [ke4qqq]: that one ^^
17:53:54 [kdamage]: Ok
17:54:07 [bhaisaab]: alright let's end the meeting, thanks everyone!
17:54:07 [bhaisaab]: #meeting end
17:54:14 [ke4qqq]: thanks for running the meeting

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