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From "ASF IRC Services" <>
Subject Summary of IRC meeting in #cloudstack-meeting, Wed Jan 23 17:05:29 2013
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2013 18:04:37 GMT
Members present: Animesh, topcloud, chipc, csears, ke4qqq, jburwell, iswc, widodh, ramganesh,
bhaisaab, serverchief, sudhap

Meeting summary:

1. Preface

2. bhaisaab

3. chipc

4. csears

5. edison_cs

6. iswc

7. jburwell

8. ke4qqq

9. ramganesh

10. serverchief

11. sudhap

12. topcloud
  k. javelin branch stabilization requires more unit test fixes, and the non-oss build is
broken as of right now (chipc, 12)

13. u-ichi

14. widodh

15. Animesh
  s. SF Bay Area meetup group was started this week, first meetup being planned for some date
in Feb (chipc, 15)

16. wrapup
  v. topcloud proposed that the community find a way to make testing CS easy (when doing a
bake-off between different CMP options) (chipc, 16)

- topcloud to ask for help fixing unit tests in javelin on the dev list (chipc, 17:40:39)
- topcloud or kelven will post info about Spring DI usage in javelin to the wiki (chipc, 17:43:40)
- jburwell offered to help look into the Spring DI implementation with topcloud (chipc, 17:44:02)
- widodh to update the dev list on the packaging status and schedule (chipc, 17:49:30)
- jburwell to send a message to the dev list to propose a realtime irc discussion around the
storage rearchitecture (chipc, 17:50:00)
- ke4qqq to look at IP clearance xml files for Animesh (chipc, 17:53:59)
- Animesh to email the dev list to discuss the jira process for partial features (chipc, 17:59:22)

IRC log follows:

# 1. Preface #
17:05:47 [chipc]: ok - for the record, we're giving ASFBot's meeting function a try this week
17:05:59 [chipc]: and we'll go in alpha order (not reversed this week)
17:06:14 [chipc]: so let's start with bhaisaab

# 2. bhaisaab #
17:06:37 [bhaisaab]: ok
17:07:02 [chipc]: bhaisaab: anything for us this week?
17:07:16 [bhaisaab]: to report, working on cloudmonkey and apidoc and have about 15+ issues

17:07:47 [bhaisaab]: only issue to discuss is that I want folks to share their personal branch
for their features
17:08:07 [chipc]: +1 to that
17:08:13 [bhaisaab]: for example a non-committer can this way share their progress indriectly
with the comunity
17:08:27 [chipc]: indeed
17:08:27 [bhaisaab]: *community, posted an email on the same yesterday
17:08:34 [chipc]: I'll reply to your email as well - asking the same
17:08:34 [bhaisaab]: and I'm done
17:08:49 [chipc]: bhaisaab: did you see the question from Hugo about the createNetworkOffering
17:09:04 [ke4qqq]: ACTION thanks chipc for the meeting reminder
17:09:20 [bhaisaab]: chipc: yes, I will see this today but even I don't know what happens
if we remove the if conditional for the disk chck
17:09:34 [chipc]: thanks
17:09:42 [chipc]: ok - moving on, I think I'm next

# 3. chipc #
17:09:43 [bhaisaab]: cloudmonkey issue in case anyone wants to track
17:09:44 [chipc]: Not much from me today...  I assume that things will get busy next week
17:09:44 [chipc]: 8 Days remaining until feature freeze for 4.1.0
17:09:44 [chipc]: New feature / improvement status: 4 closed, 15 resolved, 4 reopened, 26
in progress, 43 open
17:09:44 [chipc]: I wanted committers (particularly the "maintainers" that were discussed
long ago) to pay attention to the review board.  There are many reviews that need to be dealt
with, and more will flood in during the next week.
17:09:58 [chipc]: I'm also getting concerned about the javelin branch merge coming, and if
people will have enough time to rebase and test before submitting their features.
17:10:12 [chipc]: topcloud: we can discuss that concern when we get to you if you want
17:10:27 [chipc]: does anyone have anything for me?
17:10:34 [bhaisaab]: we should do that
17:10:51 [bhaisaab]: chipc: one concern, in case we may not make in time, is there a plan
17:10:59 [topcloud]: chipc: I've been asking people who needs spring to branch off of javelin.
17:10:59 [chipc]: not sure
17:11:28 [chipc]: topcloud: so perhaps we should wait to hear about where things stand…
 and if we can help
17:11:42 [chipc]: so let's move on...

# 4. csears #
17:11:57 [csears]: Nothing from me, thanks
17:11:57 [chipc]: csears: anything for the group?
17:11:57 [chipc]: thx

# 5. edison_cs #
17:12:19 [chipc]: edison_cs: anything for the group?
17:12:37 [topcloud]: don't think edison is on.
17:12:57 [chipc]: hmm…  ok
17:12:57 [chipc]: thx
17:12:59 [chipc]: then I guess we'll move on
17:13:12 [topcloud]: he usually gets in toward the end of the hour.
17:13:20 [topcloud]: we can circle back to him.
17:13:21 [bhaisaab]: we can always circle back if he comes back
17:13:27 [chipc]: yup

# 6. iswc #
17:13:42 [chipc]: iswc: anything for the group?
17:13:42 [iswc]: nope
17:13:50 [chipc]: ok - thanks
17:13:57 [chipc]: moving on then

# 7. jburwell #
17:14:05 [chipc]: jburwell: anything for the group?
17:14:27 [jburwell]: testing S3 … and had some discussions with edison last week regarding
17:14:34 [jburwell]: I plan to pick those back up and move them into this channel
17:14:42 [jburwell]: that's it for me
17:14:45 [chipc]: jburwell: thanks!
17:14:51 [chipc]: anybody have questions for jburwell?
17:15:19 [chipc]: ok, moving on - ke4qqq is up next

# 8. ke4qqq #
17:15:29 [chipc]: ke4qqq: anything for the group?
17:15:42 [ke4qqq]: somewhat concerned about the API breakages and that individuals are finding
them rather than our testing
17:16:12 [ke4qqq]: aside from that, nothing for the group
17:16:34 [bhaisaab]: oh man, sorry guys, most of the stuff would be my mistakes
17:16:42 [bhaisaab]: but I'll make sure to fix them
17:16:45 [chipc]: bhaisaab: mistakes happen!
17:16:51 [chipc]: I think the question is around test coverage
17:16:56 [ke4qqq]: bhaisaab: not concerned about it breaking itself
17:16:57 [csears]: is there a specific example?
17:17:03 [ke4qqq]: that will happen
17:17:13 [ke4qqq]: more concerned that our testing (or lack thereof) isn't catching it
17:17:18 [chipc]: do you know where the test results from the automated marvin tests are stored
/ published?
17:17:33 [sudhap]: chipc: testing hasn't officially started yet - getting there with automation
setup being done
17:18:02 [chipc]: csears: here's one example from today
17:18:03 [ke4qqq]: sudhap: how can we declare something code complete without any testing?

17:18:10 [bhaisaab]: ke4qqq: Prasanna does seems to be here, we'll have more coverage once
we get those integration tests
17:18:12 [topcloud]: sudhap: I don't think the problem is with qa testing.
17:18:25 [sudhap]: ke4qqq: oh - I am talking about QA coverage not dev unit testing
17:18:32 [bhaisaab]: any updates on the IP clearance status of the integration tetsts
17:18:32 [topcloud]: the problem is regression testing that developers can run themselves.
17:18:32 [bhaisaab]: *tests
17:18:39 [ke4qqq]: yes - what topcloud said
17:19:02 [chipc]: ke4qqq: since it's your turn still, sudhap's question about the test IP
clearance is a good one
17:19:09 [chipc]: any update on the SGA?
17:19:47 [ke4qqq]: Citrix legal is waiting for us to determine how many additional items will
need to be added to a SGA 
17:19:55 [chipc]: ok - that's right…  they want a single shot deal
17:19:57 [ke4qqq]: which is dependent on the other things going through IP Clearance
17:20:03 [chipc]: got it
17:20:05 [ke4qqq]: and whether or not a ICLA will suffice
17:20:17 [chipc]: sudhap: does that answer your question?
17:20:33 [sudhap]: chipc: yes - also we can run tests internally meanwhile 
17:20:41 [chipc]: ke4qqq: I think we need to discuss that on list…  I believe that most
of the features will probably be covered via ICLAs (at least for committers)
17:20:55 [sudhap]: will publish test results to ML
17:21:03 [chipc]: ke4qqq: anything else to discuss?
17:21:09 [ke4qqq]: yes, agree (with both where it needs to happen and that it can be done
via iclas) 
17:21:10 [ke4qqq]: nope
17:21:17 [chipc]: or does anyone have anything else for ke4qqq
17:21:32 [topcloud]: ke4qqq: any word on the wiki infra?
17:21:56 [bhaisaab]: ke4qqq: remaining ccc12 videos and puppet camp vids?
17:22:02 [ke4qqq]: topcloud: I've discussed it once, but not gotten any answers, will continue
asking this week
17:22:09 [topcloud]: ke4qqq: ok....thx
17:22:24 [ke4qqq]: bhaisaab: fwiu, Kara was working on the CCC12 vids, and puppetcamp vids
will follow that
17:22:37 [chipc]: thanks
17:22:44 [ke4qqq]: but no direct insight into that
17:22:59 [chipc]: ok - moving on…  thanks ke4qqq

# 9. ramganesh #
17:23:07 [chipc]: welcome ram
17:23:07 [ramganesh]: thanks
17:23:07 [chipc]: have anything for the group?
17:23:21 [ramganesh]: chipc:few updates
17:23:38 [ramganesh]: few jira items updated with the status
17:23:43 [chipc]: thanks
17:23:57 [ramganesh]: dvswitch  updated with latest status...
17:24:12 [ramganesh]: also aws healthchecks...
17:24:12 [chipc]: would be good to see individual initiative for the updates…  but thanks
for prodding your team
17:24:27 [ramganesh]: sure
17:24:44 [ramganesh]: thats it 
17:24:49 [ramganesh]: thanks
17:24:51 [chipc]: ramganesh: thanks
17:24:59 [chipc]: anybody have anything for ramganesh?
17:25:27 [chipc]: ok, moving on then

# 10. serverchief #
17:25:34 [serverchief]: architecture related - if you have advanced network setup - where
router VMs use 2 NICs for 2 networks - in many corp environments - dual homed  NICs on different
networks for System VMs, circumvent firewall and other compliance policies, making not compliant
if you are subjected to strict compliance... this is probably where openstack shines (not
mentioning other issues)
17:25:34 [chipc]: serverchief: anything for the group?
17:25:34 [serverchief]: assuming end user can punch firewalls for system VMs to talk to cloudstack
and VMs underneath.. whats is the possibility of us creating another type of "advanced network"
- that is compliant with regulations and uses only 1 NIC?
17:26:49 [chipc]: serverchief: that seems like it's worth a question to the dev list
17:26:59 [bhaisaab]: yes move to ML!
17:27:05 [serverchief]: ok...
17:27:13 [chipc]: serverchief: anything else?
17:27:19 [serverchief]: nope
17:27:22 [chipc]: thanks!
17:27:27 [chipc]: moving on then

# 11. sudhap #
17:27:42 [chipc]: sudhap: anything for the group?
17:28:35 [sudhap]: chipc: nothing
17:28:44 [sudhap]: chipc: same status I sent in MoM yesterday
17:28:50 [chipc]: thanks for sending that!
17:28:59 [chipc]: anyone have anything for sudhap?
17:29:19 [Animesh]: sudha lots of SQA jira tickets are unassigned
17:30:15 [chipc]: Animesh / sudhap: perhaps another call for testers on the list, with a specific
set of priority items to get volunteers from will help?
17:30:27 [sudhap]: Animesh: I will check 
17:30:34 [Animesh]: yes, that will help
17:30:34 [sudhap]: chipc: sure
17:30:49 [chipc]: anything else for sudhap?
17:30:49 [sudhap]: also I am mainly concerned to get automation runs and testing started on
new features
17:30:57 [sudhap]: at this point
17:31:12 [sudhap]: FS completion and clarity on the scope continue to be problematic
17:31:34 [chipc]: agreed
17:31:52 [topcloud]: agreed
17:31:59 [chipc]: not sure what to do, other than basically punting features out to the next
17:32:12 [Animesh]: i joined late but ramganesh probably already covered it, we will be moving
out many items to 4.2
17:32:12 [chipc]: we need to be able to test
17:32:20 [topcloud]: animesh: is there anything u can do there?
17:32:22 [Animesh]: that will probably make it less of concern
17:32:42 [ramganesh]: Animesh: I will clean up few items to 4.2
17:32:57 [chipc]: Animesh: yes, if people can make the move ahead of the Jan 31 date, that
will help everyone manage the scope for testing and doc finalization
17:32:57 [topcloud]: animesh: is there a deadline for making that clear?
17:33:04 [jburwell]: chipc seems there are three options, push out the release date, reduce
scope, or accept compromised quality
17:33:12 [jburwell]: the third item is not really an option in my mind
17:33:12 [ke4qqq]: why are the developers espousing the features not admitting they can't
hit code freeze and moving them themselves?
17:33:27 [topcloud]: jburwell: can not accept #3.
17:33:34 [ke4qqq]: jburwell: neither is the first 1
17:33:34 [topcloud]: we an discuss the other two.
17:33:43 [sudhap]: chipc: will start testing next week onwards - everyone is trying to organize
test plans
17:33:45 [jburwell]: topcloud then that leaves one option
17:33:56 [ke4qqq]: at least not this early in the release schedule
17:33:56 [chipc]: jburwell: we had agreed on a schedule, and the plan was to stick with it…
 features just get pushed
17:34:18 [chipc]: at least that's my opinion…  and I haven't seen anyone disagree on the
list yet
17:34:19 [topcloud]: agreed. to me #2 is the only option as well.
17:34:40 [jburwell]: chip makes total sense to me, and it will serve as a good guide point
for the next cycle
17:34:40 [Animesh]: yes so we will move out features to 4.2 by end of this week
17:34:56 [jburwell]: the first time through a time-boxed cycle, there is always a good bit
of learning
17:35:03 [chipc]: so the sooner people get realistic about what timing is required, and do
that change to Jira, the easier it will be for sudhap and the other testers to get organized
17:35:10 [chipc]: jburwell: indeed
17:35:18 [chipc]: ok - let's move on then
17:35:18 [jburwell]: and sadly, that translates to a higher than average features getting
pushed out
17:35:33 [chipc]: jburwell: but we'll get better over time
17:35:33 [Animesh]: however we should also be cognizant that some folks are waiting on all
architecture/ merge depedencies to be resolved 
17:35:33 [bhaisaab]: Animesh: let's move them after 31st, by then we'll all know what was
done and what needs to e moved
17:35:33 [topcloud]: animesh: when we move these features out, please move the design docs
to the appropriate places as well.
17:35:49 [jburwell]: chipc agreed .. we now have a baseline to measure against
17:36:02 [chipc]: bhaisaab: if someone knows for a fact that they won't be done, they should
be realistic about it
17:36:02 [jburwell]: which is critical for improvement
17:36:02 [chipc]: and get it moved now
17:36:09 [chipc]: jburwell: yup
17:36:09 [ke4qqq]: Animesh: yes and that's a lesson to learn for next time....massive changes
need to land MUCH earlier so as not to block others
17:36:41 [bhaisaab]: chipc: yes, but for us we should only move tickets to 4.2 after 31st,
till then it should be upto a developer
17:36:49 [chipc]: yes
17:36:54 [chipc]: agreed
17:36:56 [chipc]: the individual should make the call
17:37:02 [ke4qqq]: bhaisaab: yes, but the developer should be reasonable
17:37:03 [chipc]: but on the 31st, I'll bulk move things
17:37:11 [bhaisaab]: chipc: +1
17:37:17 [chipc]: let's move on…  thanks sudhap!

# 12. topcloud #
17:37:24 [bhaisaab]: ke4qqq: sure
17:37:25 [chipc]: topcloud: what do you have for us today?
17:37:32 [topcloud]: so several topics
17:37:54 [topcloud]: first, apologize for being absent on the list....been pulled into the
javelin merge so less time on the list.
17:38:17 [topcloud]: javelin update: I sent one out yesterday. the current status is the server
is running and deploying vm.
17:38:19 [chipc]: topcloud: would it be useful to share problems on the list?  can people
17:38:32 [chipc]: clearly you guys know the guys of the system better than anyone
17:38:47 [topcloud]: that's the good news. bad news is we still have not fixed up all of the
unit tests and i just realized non-oss is still broken.
17:38:47 [chipc]: but opportunities to help (if there are any) would be good to raise
17:39:18 [topcloud]: At this point, if anyone want to help fix the unit tests, we welcome
the help.
17:39:32 [chipc]: #info javelin branch stabilization requires more unit test fixes, and the
non-oss build is broken as of right now
17:39:57 [chipc]: topcloud: drop a note to the list…  especially if it requires anything
special to get setup to run the code
17:40:18 [topcloud]: chipc: will do that. i won't repeat that here then.
17:40:24 [chipc]: ;-)
17:40:39 [chipc]: #action topcloud to ask for help fixing unit tests in javelin on the dev
17:40:47 [chipc]: topcloud: anything else to discuss?
17:40:47 [topcloud]: so i do want to discuss this particular topic.
17:40:47 [bhaisaab]: topcloud: I think if kelven or yourself can post a wiki page on spring
changes, many of the things may not be well understood I myself had troubles understanding
the spring DI
17:41:11 [chipc]: bhaisaab: +1
17:41:17 [jburwell]: bhaisaab +1
17:41:17 [topcloud]: bhaisaab: yup...i've asked kelven to do that. but he's so busy with the
merge he hasn't had a chance.
17:41:25 [jburwell]: there are many ways to employ spring di
17:41:39 [jburwell]: it would be nice to review the approach before it lands
17:41:39 [Animesh]: doeas the spring DI affect how we write unit tests as well
17:41:48 [chipc]: topcloud: sharing info is sort of a pre-req to getting help ;-)
17:42:02 [topcloud]: anmiesh: yes...that's the reason they are broken.
17:42:02 [jburwell]: animesh there are ways to use spring di so that it does not impact
17:42:02 [bhaisaab]: topcloud: the nonoss stuff too breaks because of component locator and
incorrect di, I bet the same is the cause for unit tests in most cases
17:42:04 [chipc]: Animesh: absolutely
17:42:09 [jburwell]: and there ways to do it that don't
17:42:47 [Animesh]: so sooner the info is shared it will help folks  on unit tests for features
that will make into 4.1
17:42:47 [topcloud]: jburwell: would appreciate if you can help take a look and see if we're
doing anything that's known to be bad for spring did
17:42:54 [bhaisaab]: jburwell: you should checkout javelin and share your any findings
17:43:02 [topcloud]: ok...back to what i was about to say.
17:43:02 [jburwell]: top cloud would happy to take a peek
17:43:32 [topcloud]: the plan was we get the server up and running and then run regression
tests against it using devcloud.
17:43:40 [chipc]: #action topcloud or kelven will post info about Spring DI usage in javelin
to the wiki
17:44:02 [chipc]: #action jburwell offered to help look into the Spring DI implementation
with topcloud
17:44:02 [topcloud]: vogxn was suppose to help in running that but he has some personal issues
so we also have some problem there to run regression tests before the final merge.
17:45:05 [chipc]: topcloud: anything else?
17:45:09 [topcloud]: ok...that's it.
17:45:11 [chipc]: thanks!

# 13. u-ichi #
17:45:26 [chipc]: u-ichi: anything for the group?
17:45:55 [chipc]: moving on then

# 14. widodh #
17:46:04 [chipc]: widodh: anything for the group?
17:46:24 [widodh]: Man o man, I really need to get things straigt here :)
17:46:41 [chipc]: do explain! ;-)
17:46:47 [widodh]: I don't have anything right now. Still working on packaging but haven't
got the t ime for that
17:46:54 [widodh]: some internall stuff going on inside the company which is drawing all my
17:47:17 [topcloud]: widodh: did edison resolve your concerns on the storage front?
17:47:17 [bhaisaab]: we want that, it will be blocker for qa folks
17:47:24 [chipc]: widodh: packaging is a concern for me…  given that we are going to cut
the release branch at the end of the month
17:47:32 [chipc]: is there anything that can be done to help you?
17:47:33 [widodh]: topcloud: I'm not convinced yet about the whole thing
17:47:48 [widodh]: chipc: Currently not. Hugo, Noa and I are meeting next week during BACD
17:47:55 [bhaisaab]: chipc: we'll still have a month afte code freeze to figure and fix packaging,
17:48:01 [widodh]: Hopefully we can get a lot done that day
17:48:01 [jburwell]: topcloud widodh I still have still have significant storage concerns
as well
17:48:08 [chipc]: widodh: that's going to make testing hard
17:48:29 [widodh]: chipc: I know, but currently I don't think we can make it earlier
17:48:29 [topcloud]: jburwell widodh: maybe we need to get on irc and talk about it.
17:48:44 [chipc]: widodh: can you do me a favor and take a moment to update the list with
status and what you think you're schedule looks like?
17:48:52 [jburwell]: topcloud my plan was to resume meetings with edison this afternoon or
tomorrow in this channel to address them
17:48:52 [widodh]: So packaging is my main thing now.
17:49:07 [widodh]: chipc: Yes, I'll do that. Good point
17:49:14 [topcloud]: jburwell: cool...thx...i like to join that.....
17:49:22 [chipc]: widodh: and we all know about $dayjob priorities, so no problems
17:49:22 [topcloud]: widodh: what about you?
17:49:29 [topcloud]: do we need to find a time appropriate for you?
17:49:30 [chipc]: #action widodh to update the dev list on the packaging status and schedule
17:49:37 [jburwell]: topcloud i will send a message to list once I have a time slot
17:49:52 [widodh]: topcloud: Preferrable morning CA time, I'm 9 hours ahead
17:50:00 [chipc]: #action jburwell to send a message to the dev list to propose a realtime
irc discussion around the storage rearchitecture
17:50:00 [widodh]: but chipc, yes, that is my action for now
17:50:14 [chipc]: widodh: thank you!
17:50:29 [chipc]: widodh: anything else for the group?
17:50:37 [widodh]: Nope, that's it
17:50:44 [chipc]: anybody have something for widodh?
17:51:09 [chipc]: ok - moving on…  we'll swing back to Animesh now

# 15. Animesh #
17:51:15 [chipc]: Animesh: anything for the group?
17:51:22 [Animesh]: ok have many updates
17:51:46 [Animesh]: First on IP clearance: I will file for ICLA today, reat all had ICLAs
with APache
17:51:59 [Animesh]: trying to type too fast
17:52:07 [chipc]: Animesh: try that again ;-)
17:52:25 [Animesh]: ok one ICLA for Hari will be filed today
17:52:29 [chipc]: great
17:52:52 [Animesh]: the xml files need to be reviewed by David
17:52:59 [chipc]: any other non-committers with proposed donations need ICLAs?
17:53:16 [Animesh]: there was only one Jayapal but he alredy had ICLA
17:53:22 [chipc]: ok
17:53:37 [chipc]: ke4qqq: did you catch that note about reviewing xml files?
17:53:38 [ke4qqq]: yes
17:53:47 [Animesh]: so I plan to wrap up all 7 xml files for OP clearance submission today
17:53:59 [chipc]: #action ke4qqq to look at IP clearance xml files for Animesh
17:54:22 [Animesh]: Next I started SF Bay Area meetup group
17:54:25 [chipc]: Animesh: awesome
17:54:44 [Animesh]: few folks have joined, we plan to do a first meetup in Feb some time
17:55:07 [chipc]: #info SF Bay Area meetup group was started this week, first meetup being
planned for some date in Feb
17:55:29 [chipc]: thanks Animesh
17:55:37 [chipc]: anything else for the group?
17:55:37 [Animesh]: on 4.1 as discussed will start moving out features off 4.1 to 4.2
17:55:52 [Animesh]: ramganesg probably civered it already which I missed
17:55:59 [chipc]: yes
17:56:15 [Animesh]: any questions / action items other than that for me on 4.1
17:56:24 [chipc]: not from me, others?
17:56:52 [chipc]: moving on then...

# 16. wrapup #
17:57:01 [chipc]: Did I miss anyone?
17:57:14 [chipc]: or does anyone have anything to discuss here at the end?
17:57:22 [Animesh]: yes, quick
17:57:44 [Animesh]: if we have partial features done, then should parent task point to 4.1
or 4.2
17:58:14 [ke4qqq]: partial feature sounds like !not_code_complete
17:58:14 [chipc]: IMO, we should probably break out a 4.1 feature and a 4.2 feature…  if
the partial implementation is usable
17:58:21 [chipc]: not necessarily
17:58:21 [jburwell]: chip I just dropped a proposed storage architecture meeting time to the
mailing list
17:58:21 [Animesh]: No I mean subset of feature
17:58:28 [chipc]: like - IPv6
17:58:28 [topcloud]: i think the "stackwars" topic will continue to surface. while i agree
bakeoffs is the right approach, we should setup something to help in these bakeoffs.
17:58:44 [Animesh]: Chipc: yes i mean as you described
17:58:45 [chipc]: Animesh: actually - let's discuss the Jira process on the list
17:58:49 [Animesh]: ok
17:58:57 [chipc]: Animesh: can you email the list that question?
17:58:59 [Animesh]: will do
17:59:12 [topcloud]: does anyone what to volunteer to work on that?
17:59:22 [chipc]: #action Animesh to email the dev list to discuss the jira process for partial
17:59:42 [chipc]: topcloud: what sort of thing were you considering?
18:00:20 [topcloud]: chipc: it just came up so i haven't thought it through.
18:00:28 [chipc]: we should noodle on it a bit
18:00:57 [chipc]: #info topcloud proposed that the community find a way to make testing CS
easy (when doing a bake-off between different CMP options)
18:00:57 [topcloud]: just occurs to me that we can either send people in there blind or send
them in there packed with information.
18:01:04 [chipc]: I totally agree
18:01:12 [topcloud]: but with what information hasn't occurred to me yet.
18:01:19 [topcloud]: ok...will do that.
18:01:27 [chipc]: one option would be to use ke4qqq
18:01:35 [chipc]: 's runbook as the walkthrough process
18:01:42 [chipc]: and keep that up to date
18:01:51 [topcloud]: chipc: +1
18:02:06 [topcloud]: as a starting point is good.
18:02:15 [topcloud]: anyways, i'll post that topic.
18:02:27 [topcloud]: see what everyone thinks.
18:02:27 [chipc]: topcloud: good question to raise though…  let's think about it a bit.
 We're at the top of the hour, so I want to wrap up
18:02:34 [chipc]: any other topics?
18:03:04 [chipc]: ok - with that, thanks everyone!  I'll post the minutes to the list.
18:03:12 [chipc]: have a great day / evening

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