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From Rohit Yadav <>
Subject RE: devcloud-kvm
Date Fri, 11 Jan 2013 20:08:41 GMT
431, there was bug on ApiServer that I fixed yesterday, make sure you work on the latest code
if you're on master.
From: Marcus Sorensen []
Sent: Friday, January 11, 2013 8:37 PM
Subject: Re: devcloud-kvm

When I manually configure the advanced zone in my kvm devcloud the Vlan
isolation works fine. It just creates a new bridge for each Vlan, and any
VM started goes on the applicable bridge. Since its all on the same server
they can communicate just fine without any real tagged Vlan infrastructure
beyond the host.

The 431 seemed to be an auth issue, I'll play with it further today. It may
have had to do with needing to tweak devcloud.sql as well. When I added a
second physical network though it seemed to fail in parsing the config, so
I know I have that syntax wrong, that's why I fell back to using the
advanced sandbox config.
On Jan 11, 2013 7:28 AM, "Prasanna Santhanam" <> wrote:

> On Thu, Jan 10, 2013 at 01:53:30PM -0500, Marcus Sorensen wrote:
> > Guys,
> >   I'm writing up basic instructions on how to run a devcloud-kvm virtual
> > machine, for KVM development. The setup is complete, but I've run into a
> > few things as far as configuration that I'd like some help on.
> >
> > 1) running services. In the past I've just built rpms and installed them
> in
> > the devcloud-kvm. Not only does this not work on master right now, but it
> > takes an extra 60 seconds. With devcloud we run "mvn -P
> developer,systemvm
> > clean install && mvn -pl :cloud-client-ui jetty:run", I'm assuming I'll
> > have to start the agent as well... or I guess my question is how that's
> > handled when a normal zone creation expects the agent to be installed on
> > the KVM host.
> >
> > 2) how to go about configuration. I'd like to have a marvin config that
> > does two physical networks and an advanced zone, but I wasn't able to get
> > anything but a 431 error when trying anything custom with a marvin cfg
> file
> > (both in the standard devcloud and here). I played with the sandbox
> example
> > at
> >
> > well as trying to create my own cfg file, and both resulted in 431 when
> > connecting to the management server for configuration.
> Marcus, This is exciting! I didn't find details yet in the wiki on how
> you are doing the VLAN isolation. I was looking to do something
> similar for devcloud using ovs-vsctl. But I guess you're doing
> something different in devcloud-kvm?
> As for the marvin failure - could you share the json configuration
> that you made? The two physical network setup isn't really present in
> the sandbox, so first guess is it might have gone wrong.
> --
> Prasanna.,

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