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From Alex Mathiasen>
Subject NFS Exported drives (FSID) issues.
Date Tue, 29 Jan 2013 13:34:29 GMT

I am trying to setup a Cloudstack using DRBD as primary storage. 

I have a setup with Cloudstack working beautifully with a single DRBD storage, a management
server and some host servers.

However, I wish to add more primary storage from the same DRBD setup and then all hell breaks

I have the following DRBD storage exported from my setup now:


However, If I add DRBD1 within my /etc/exports file, the issues begin. Even before I have
added the new DRBD storage as Primary storage within my Cloudstack, system VM’s, Routers
and VM’s wont start.

As I have understood, the fsid must be unique, and therefor none of the exported drives must
have the same value. So “0″ wont do. However I have experienced that Cloudstack wont work
with exported drives that doesn’t have a value of “0″.


This wont work.


This wont work either.

It seems as soon I try to export any drive without "fsid=0" - It wont work. 

I have attached some paste from management-server.log @

Do any of you have any suggestions to solve this issue? I wish to expand my primary storage,
but at the moment I simply can’t get it to work. :-(

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