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From Chiradeep Vittal <>
Subject Re: [Discuss] EIP and ELB enhancements for HA & Failover application architecture
Date Mon, 17 Dec 2012 20:05:08 GMT
Thanks, Murali
These are a few big features in the same email. Can we split them up to be
discussed independently?
1. EIP across zones
2. ELB across zones
3. ELB scaling parity
4. Network appliance orchestration framework

On 12/17/12 11:58 AM, "Murali Reddy" <> wrote:

>I would like to work on enhancing EIP/ELB functionality present in
>CloudStack, so that highly available and fault-tolerant application can be
>architected using CloudStack deployments at a region level. EIP and ELB
>are both AWS networking features that help building fault-tolerant, highly
>available application architectures on top of AWS [1],[2],[3]. Idea of
>this enhancement is to leverage the RHI (Route Health Injection) and GSLB
>functionalities available in application delivery controllers that provide
>HA/DR solutions in Active-Active data centre configuration to provide AWS
>style EIP and ELB functionality in CloudStack. I opened enhancement
>requests 652, 653 for tracking.
>CLOUDSTACK-652: High Availability: EIP enhancements
>CLOUDSTACK-653: High Availability: implement GSLB (Global Server Load
>Balancing) capability for ELB service
>Also another complementery effort I would like to work on is close the gap
>between CloudStack implementation of ELB with that of AWS w.r.t to
>CloudStack ability to auto-scale up/down request handling capacity. This
>would require CloudStack to orchestrate provisioning load balancer
>appliances. I opened enhancement requests 654, 655 for tracking. 655 is
>pre-requisite for 654.
>CLOUDSTACK-654: ELB: auto-scale request handling capacity by
>provisioningLB appliances
>CLOUDSTACK-655: framework for CloudStack to orchestrate virtual network
>appliances to provide network services
>This effort in general would involve two parts. First, coming up with
>framework/abstraction/generic configuration etc with out any particular
>assumption of ADC or network appliance. Second, ADC/appliance specific
>implementation that would realise the functionality. For the second part,
>I would be primarily working on NetScaler ADC. If any one interested in
>contributing support for other appliances/ADC I would be happy to work
>toward integration.
>I would be starting POC to uncover the issue in supporting cross zone
>operation with CloudStack. I hope to come with up a functional
>requirements spec by early next week.

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