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From Alex Huang <>
Subject Changes to the wiki
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2012 20:07:48 GMT

Since Dave gave me space admin privileges, I was able to make a few changes on the wiki. 
Please let me know what you think.  Although if you don't like it and want to revert it back,
don't ask me to do it.  :)  It does say edit boldly on the front page.

- Renamed the "Index" page to be "Home" page as it clearly is not an index.
- Reorganized the pages to the home page to be the following:
	- Releases - deserves top level page as it is most likely what everyone wants to see.
	- Community - top level page to list bylaws, mailing lists, conventions, etc.
 	- Developers - top level page for developers to start looking at the wiki.
	- QA - top level page for QA information
	- Operators - page for people interested in deploying cloudstack.
	- End Users - page for people using cloudstack's end user api.
- Each of these pages contain a page tree macro that allow people to expand and collapse child
pages when they are on that page.
- Changed the theme to document theme.  This allowed the following things. 
	- The search box on the top right now searches within CloudStack space.  No more a bunch
of unrelated search results.
	- The page tree is always on the left side now so people can quickly switch between major

So the idea of this change is to enable the community to quickly add pages and move them around
instead of adding links.  Another idea is for the person who comes to the wiki to know very
quickly where their starting point is.  

An important aspect of this change is find the proper place for your page.  Don't just add
them all at the top level page.  Think about your intended audience.

I would have preferred that the top level pages are actually tabs and each has a table of
content within the tab but doesn't look like it's possible.  If you know how to do it, let
me know.

I like to settle of a list of top level pages and make that static.  Right now it's wide open
though.  We can discuss what should be top level.


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