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From Alex Huang <>
Subject RE: [DISCUSS] new workflow for new features....
Date Fri, 14 Dec 2012 18:39:34 GMT
> So what does this mean for a user requesting a feature or enhancement in
> Jira?
> User $foo may want CloudStack to provision coffee via IPMI, but they
> may also not have the ability to write that feature, but want to ask
> for it. Do they also need to bring it to the list? It seems very
> developer-centric, which isn't necessarily bad, but don't want to make
> users feel like their is a huge barrier to contributing to a feature
> discussion.

Don't assume the person performing the DISCUSS part of the work is the same person as the
one performing the PROPOSE part of the work.  They can be but they don't need to be.  The
end user can definitely conduct the DISCUSS part of the issue.

This is beneficial in several ways.

For the end user:
- Like I said in an earlier email can setup their own filters and check on the issues they
are interested in.
-They can also create the issue and lead the DISCUSS portion of the feature creation.
- Users can vote on the importance of a feature and that vote doesn't get lost because a user
doesn't participate on -dev or just didn't see it on -dev.

For the release manager:
- A release manager should look through the list and just ask if new features in DISCUSS status
can actually be in their release.  
- They can also bring up to the mailing list issues that are in the PROPOSE list and ask if
there are any takers.  If not, it then gets dropped out of that release.

- Can keep track of issues they are interested in.
- Have a place to update what they think is the current status.

It basically converges on mailing list and Jira and we use wiki as a starting point for end
users to refer to these two places.  It's actually harder to start up but I think it will
be easier to maintain in the long run.


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