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From Joe Brockmeier <>
Subject Re: Concerns about our community health and collaboration process
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2012 21:30:08 GMT
On Fri, Dec 14, 2012 at 03:12:43PM -0500, Chip Childers wrote:
> This is a bit long, but needs to be shared.  Please do take time the time
> to read it.

Thanks for raising this. In my experience, it's a rare project that
moves from a single-sponsor model to a full-blown community model that
doesn't hit some growing pains. So here we are. 

> When we do marketing for the community, the same rule should apply.
> Individuals that act as product managers within their $dayjob role,
> and who's product may rely on this community in some way or another,
> need to understand that their collaborative contributions are just as
> important (and very much wanted!).

On my end, I'll do my best to ensure that anything touching on Apache
CloudStack and events that I work with are discussed on-list, etc. If
there's an area where I fall down on that, please say something.
Coordinating those types of events/activities are a *bit* less
straightforward than the process for collaborating on, say, a feature or

All that to say - I appreciate any feedback or concerns, and any
assistance that the community would care to provide when I'm doing
anything that represents or touches on Apache CloudStack. I take my
responsibilities as an individual contributor to CloudStack very
seriously - I may make mistakes, but it's my intent to ensure that it's
a successful *community* project.


Joe Brockmeier
Twitter: @jzb

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