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From John Burwell <>
Subject SSVM Network Configuration Issue
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2012 21:46:46 GMT

I am setting up a multi-zone devcloud configuration on VirtualBox 4.2.4 using the Ubuntu 12.04.1
and Xen 4.1.  I have configured the base management server VM (zone1) to serve as both the
zone1, as well as, the management server (running MySql) with eth0 as a host-only adapter
and a static IP of and eth1 as a NAT adapter (see the attached zone1-interfaces
file for the exact network configuration on the VM).  The management and guest networks are
configured as follows:

Zone 1
Management: gw dns (?)
Guest: gw dns
Zone 2
Management: gw dns (?)
Guest: gw dns

The management server deploys and starts without error.  I then populate the configuration
it using the attached Marvin configuration file (zone1.devcloud.cfg) and restart the management
server in order to allow the global configuration option changes to take effect.  Following
the restart, the CPVM and SSVM start without error.  Unfortunately, they drop into alert status,
and the SSVM is unable to connect outbound through the guest network (very important for my
tests because I am testing S3-backed secondary storage).  

From the diagnostic checks I have performed on the management server and the SSVM, it appears
that the daemon on the SSVM is connecting back to the management server.  I have attached
a set of diagnostic information from the management server (mgmtsvr-zone1-diagnostics.log)
and SSVM server (ssvm-zone1-diagnostics.log) that includes the results of ifconfig, route,
netstat and ping checks, as well as, other information (e.g. the contents of /var/cache/cloud/cmdline
on the SSVM).  Finally, I have attached the vmops log from the management server (vmops-zone1.log).

What changes need to be made to management server configuration in order to start up an SSVM
that can communicate with the secondary storage NFS volumes, management server, and connect
to hosts on the Internet?

Thanks for your help,

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