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From Min Chen <>
Subject [DISCUSS]How to write API Unit Tests
Date Tue, 27 Nov 2012 23:09:56 GMT
Hi there,

	In working with API refactoring work, I cannot help wondering how we
should write Junit test cases for our APIs. Recently I saw that Chip has
merged some of his API unit test cases into master branch, and his api
unit test cases are written using Mockito, so no DB and real MS are needed
in running these Junit test cases. Here I want to raise this topic again
to get some clarifications on api unit test guidelines:
	1. Should we require API unit test cases to be able to run without DB
existing or MS running?
	2. If answer is yes, then I guess that we just need to use Mockito to
write our api unit test cases.
	3. If answer is no, there are several follow-up questions to be clarified:
	   1) Does test case itself need to handle starting MS and stopping MS?
	   2) How should we set up a test DB? This may be needed for those list
	   3) Testcases need to handle tear down test data afterwards.


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