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From Chiradeep Vittal <>
Subject Re: documentation of tech previews
Date Fri, 16 Nov 2012 21:03:51 GMT
I'm sure you mean the Query API and not the REST API. In fact, there is no

On 11/16/12 6:50 AM, "Chip Childers" <> wrote:

>Let me clarify what I was trying to say:
>IMO, we should have documentation for features that live in the master
>branch.  If they are broken, then we should document where and how
>they are broken (or, more preferably, fix them).  But if the code is
>in the branch, and can be accessed, there's no reason to avoid it
>going into the docs.
>Right now, master is tied to our next feature release.  So to me, I
>wouldn't remove any docs that are there.  If we have a functional
>issue (examples include Nexus1000v and OVM support), I'd rather
>everyone focus on fixing those issues.
>Anyway, just my 2 cents.
>On Fri, Nov 16, 2012 at 8:12 AM, Chip Childers
><> wrote:
>> Master is for the next release anyway!
>> - chip
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>> On Nov 16, 2012, at 7:41 AM, Joe Brockmeier <> wrote:
>>> On Fri, Nov 16, 2012, at 03:35 AM, Sebastien Goasguen wrote:
>>>> Jessica and I are having a discussion on
>>>> .
>>>> At the core of the discussion is a question regarding the
>>>> of features that are still in development.
>>>> In that particular bug, the core issue is that I talked about the REST
>>>> interface in the AWSAPI docs.
>>>> I would like to get feedback and advice from the community on whether
>>>> should document features / code / tools that may be viewed as work in
>>>> progress or tech previews.
>>> Yes.
>>> If we're shipping it, in any form, it's appropriate to document it. If
>>> we know it's a WIP or "tech preview" then it should be labeled as such
>>> in the docs with the warning that it may change in later versions.
>>>> For instance, in addition to the REST interface for ec2 and s3
>>>> undocumented in the docs), I was going to start working on some
>>>> introductory documentation for devcloud, marvin and cloudmonkey.
>>>> The wiki is nice for these but I believe they should start being
>>>> documented in the official docs. We can add proper warning to users,
>>>> explaining that they are still under development but that they can
>>>> to see more complete features in the future.
>>> +1
>>> --
>>> Joe Brockmeier
>>> Twitter: @jzb

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