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From Satoshi Kobayashi <>
Subject About the development approach of KVM Agent on master
Date Tue, 13 Nov 2012 03:40:39 GMT
Hi all,

I have some questions/issues about the development approach of KVM Agent.

1. Is there any document written about it?
I could not find it in Or is it in other places?

2. How should it be developed (in future)?
I looked at the source code of KVM Agent. It can not be launched from Maven.
(I found that just executing is not enough because KVM Agent requires
some configurations and scripts)
It seems to require packaging, whenever change is added to the code.
I think that it is probably inefficient.

A task required to develop from Maven which I think is the following.
- Add a configuration of maven-exec-plugin for KVM Agent to pom.xml.
- Add a configuration for m2e plugin of Eclipse (like "mvn jetty:run")
- Skip some checks in the development environment (for example,
- Add configurations and scripts to be used to the path (or from args)
- Add a tool to cleanup a KVM host (optional?)

Do you have any ideas?


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