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From Satoshi Kobayashi <>
Subject Re: About the development approach of KVM Agent on master
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2012 08:51:37 GMT
2012/11/17 Edison Su <>:
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>> From: Satoshi Kobayashi []
>> Sent: Monday, November 12, 2012 7:41 PM
>> To:
>> Subject: About the development approach of KVM Agent on master
>> Hi all,
>> I have some questions/issues about the development approach of KVM
>> Agent.
>> 1. Is there any document written about it?
>> I could not find it in Or is it in other places?
>> 2. How should it be developed (in future)?
>> I looked at the source code of KVM Agent. It can not be launched from
>> Maven.
>> (I found that just executing is not enough because KVM Agent requires some
>> configurations and scripts) It seems to require packaging, whenever change
>> is added to the code.
>> I think that it is probably inefficient.
> Kvm artifacts are packaged into plugins/hypervisors/kvm/target/, scp
to kvm host, unzip, and execute, will start the kvm agent.
> Note:
> needs to be fixed, as the classpath is incorrect.
>     Need to modify conf/, add guid, zone/pod/cluster, public{private/guest}.network.device
>     Need to create zone/pod/kvm cluster before start, otherwise, kvm agent can't
be added into mgt server.

I did not know that approach. nice.

>> A task required to develop from Maven which I think is the following.
>> - Add a configuration of maven-exec-plugin for KVM Agent to pom.xml.
>> - Add a configuration for m2e plugin of Eclipse (like "mvn jetty:run")
> +1
>> - Skip some checks in the development environment (for example,
>> - Add configurations and scripts to be used to the path (or from args)
> +1
>> - Add a tool to cleanup a KVM host (optional?)
>> Do you have any ideas?
> I am thinking about running kvm agent as a http server(maybe put agent code into a jetty
server), mgt server talking to kvm agent through http instead of tcp.
> Kvm agent code will be a dummy http server, always mgt server start the talk to agent.
> You can easily using mvn jetty:run to start the agent http server.
> Easy for test, you can send a command to kvm agent through wget/curl/browser etc.
> How do you think?

That is fantastic! I want "Management Server simulator" for debugging
of Agent. It is any http client or browser if Agent is your

>> Regards,
>> Satoshi

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