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From Edison Su <>
Subject RE: WAR Deployment and Xen Plugins
Date Fri, 16 Nov 2012 18:37:58 GMT
If you are using ubuntu 12.04 as xen hypervisor host, need to follow some of steps in tools/devcloud/
to configure Ubuntu host before adding into cloudstack mgt server.
For example,
wget /usr/lib/xcp/plugins/
sed -i 's/VNCTERM_LISTEN=.\+/VNCTERM_LISTEN="-v"/' /usr/lib/xcp/lib/vncterm-wrapper
chmod -R 777 /usr/lib/xcp

Better to use a  xenserver host, which is the one of hypervisor we formally support.

From: John Burwell []
Sent: Friday, November 16, 2012 6:44 AM
Subject: Re: WAR Deployment and Xen Plugins


In addition to the ClassCastException, the unable to find plugin exception returned when I
upgraded to the latest from master.  The following is the output of xe host-list params=all
which includes version information:

uuid ( RO)                                 : 52612d0c-92b6-580c-7249-b6975e86a411
                           name-label ( RW): cloudstack-zone1.bos1
                     name-description ( RW): Default install of XenServer
                   allowed-operations (SRO): VM.migrate; evacuate; provision; VM.resume; VM.start
                   current-operations (SRO):
                              enabled ( RO): true
                    API-version-major ( RO): 1
                    API-version-minor ( RO): 10
                   API-version-vendor ( RO): XenSource
    API-version-vendor-implementation (MRO):
                              logging (MRW):
                suspend-image-sr-uuid ( RW): <not in database>
                   crash-dump-sr-uuid ( RW): <not in database>
                     software-version (MRO): platform_name: XCP_Kronos; platform_version:
1.6.0; build_number: 0; hostname: lamiak; date: 2012-08-03; xapi: 1.3; xen: 4.1.2; linux:
3.2.0-32-generic-pae; xencenter_min: 1.10; xencenter_max: 1.10; network_backend: bridge
                         capabilities (SRO): xen-3.0-x86_32p;
                         other-config (MRW): no_local_storage: true; agent_start_time: 1352767643.;
boot_time: 1352767636.
                             cpu_info (MRO): cpu_count: 1; vendor: GenuineIntel; speed: 2401.948;
modelname: QEMU Virtual CPU version 1.0; family: 6; model: 2; stepping: 3; flags: fpu de tsc
msr pae cx8 apic cmov clflush mmx fxsr sse sse2 nx up pni popcnt hypervisor; features: 00000000-00000000-00000000-00000000;
features_after_reboot: 00000000-00000000-00000000-00000000; physical_features: 00000000-00000000-00000000-00000000;
maskable: no
                         chipset-info (MRO): iommu: false
                             hostname ( RO): cloudstack-zone1.bos1
                              address ( RO):
                supported-bootloaders (SRO): pygrub; eliloader
                                blobs ( RO):
                      memory-overhead ( RO): 56225792
                         memory-total ( RO): 4294557696
                          memory-free ( RO): 3007303680
                 memory-free-computed ( RO): <expensive field>
                    host-metrics-live ( RO): true
                              patches (SRO):
                        ha-statefiles ( RO):
                     ha-network-peers ( RO):
                   external-auth-type ( RO):
           external-auth-service-name ( RO):
          external-auth-configuration (MRO):
                              edition ( RO): free
                       license-server (MRO): address: localhost; port: 27000
                        power-on-mode ( RO):
                      power-on-config (MRO):
                       local-cache-sr ( RO): <not in database>
                                 tags (SRW):

The base OS is Ubuntu 12.04.1.  Unfortunately, I can not get a remote debugger to connect
function over an SSH tunnel that is over an OpenVPN connection.

There is one other odd phenomenon I have noticed.  When the creation of the host errors out,
no hosts are displayed in the UI during the session in which I attempted to create the host.
 However, when I restart the management server, the server attempts to connect to host, and
it is displayed in the UI.  This behavior leads me to believe that  there is either a cache
inconsistency or a transaction boundary issue in this failure scenario.

I have attached the properties and XML files from webapps/client/WEB-INF/classes, as well
as, the vmops.log.

Thank you for your assistance,

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