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From Alex Huang <>
Subject [DISCUSS] lesson from javelin...
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2012 02:23:30 GMT
Not sure if DISCUSS is the right tag to use but here goes.

I want to share with everyone a story of how lack of communication turned into misunderstanding
on the javelin branch.

A few months ago, some of us wanted to look into refactoring cloudstack.  There were some
proposals sent out and javelin branch was created but general sentiments back then was the
community was pretty focused on 4.0.  So majority of the people working on that branch moved
into getting 4.0 released instead.  Occasionally, we broke out some directory structures and
merged code from 4.0 and mainline to bring in the latest code and maven changes but we didn't
really have much time to do any work in there.  When 4.0 went into voting, we started back
on javelin.  A couple of weeks back, Chip sent out an email asking about post-4.0 work but
at the time we were still picking up where we left off and prototyping a few things and didn't
answer as to what's happening on javelin.  This got community members wondering, and rightfully
so, why javelin work is not being communicated.  There was a thread started in the PPMC and
it finally got resolved when the above timeline was provided to show that javelin actually
hasn't been as active as once thought.
I want to relay this story to let the community know what happened on javelin and also to
serve as a reminder on the following points.

- It's easy to forget to respond to an email.  So don't be afraid to send a couple more emails
or include people directly in the to list to nudge them to respond.
- It's easy to misunderstand when there's a lack of communication.  So communicate often.
 Thinking back, I can think of so many times where we could have just updated the community
with a simple email.  Particularly when Chip asked about post-4.0 work, someone could have
just email and said wait we're not ready.  There's quite a few people on javelin and yet no
one did so.
- It's difficult to get a design completely right before presenting.  Don't be afraid to just
put it on the wiki and let the community see it take shape.



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