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From Rajesh Battala <>
Subject RE: [HACKFEST] Wiki cleanup Tuesday, November 6
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2012 02:42:03 GMT
Count me in for this Hackfest. Please let us know more details 

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From: Ahmad Emneina [] 
Sent: Thursday, November 01, 2012 4:23 AM
Subject: Re: [HACKFEST] Wiki cleanup Tuesday, November 6

On 10/31/12 3:04 PM, "Joe Brockmeier" <> wrote:

>Once the Website redesign is finished and is pointed to 
>the Apache site, I'd like to turn attention to the wiki and start 
>cleaning it up and making sure things are easily found.
>Next Tuesday I'm going to spend most of the day working on this, and 
>I'd like to invite other folks to help out if they're interested.
>A couple of things I hope to accomplish:
>- Identify and move any content we want/need to keep from
> to the Apache wiki. Some work has been done 
>  but there's still more to do.
>- Clean up the landing page and get rid of any pages that are
>  unnecessary or totally outdated. (Or revise them so that they are
>  up-to-date.
>- Make the landing page a useful index of content.
>Wiki's are great, but they can become pretty sloppy with age - it takes 
>a lot of care and attention to keep them up-to-date and useful.
>Joe Brockmeier
>Twitter: @jzb

How does this hackfest take place? Is this coordinated via IRC? Count me

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