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From Alena Prokharchyk <>
Subject Re: Fix for Fixing CLOUDSTACK-226 breaks deployment of physical networks without VLAN ranges
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2012 21:51:22 GMT
Hi Hugo,

Sorry, wasn't aware of Nicira case when put the fix. Both UI and API has
to be fixed - don't accept vnet parameter in both create/update
physicalNetwork when isolation type is not VLAN. The check should be done
on the services layer before checkGuestVnetsConflicts() method is even


On 10/5/12 2:41 PM, "Hugo Trippaers" <> wrote:

>Hey Alena,
>I just ran into a problem where the fix you pushed on for CLOUDSTACK-226
>(commit 11fe086adab8e790018343252ed08aac9a27b1c6) breaks a typical
>deployment scenario for Nicira
> based networks. A Nicira NVP user does not need vlans so should use the
>vlan range item during the setup of the physical network. With your fix
>this causes a NPE.
>I¹ve filed two bugs for this:
>Ui should not ask for a vlan range if the physical network isolation type
>is not VLAN <>
>updatePhysicalNetwork dies with an NPE when the vlan range is empty
>I¹ll pick them up and fix them, but I think it¹s good to be aware that
>any vlan code should only run if vlans are actually in use.

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