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From David Nalley <>
Subject Re: [DOCS] Proposed technique for making tooltips from doc XML files
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2012 12:18:31 GMT
> David,
> You bring up a question which I meant to ask earlier. Can we be sure that
> the URLs of doc pages won't change over time? I think we can, if the
> following is true: Each Help link in the UI links to a page under the
> correct software version and language on the doc site, like

No - we can't be sure of that.
Our URL will (hopefully) change when we graduate to a TLP - we'll then
have as our domain.

> I don't know exactly how the UI help would handle l10n. The eng/UI teams
> would know more. We'd have localized content in different subdirectories in
> the git repo, just as we have English content in the docs/en-US
> subdirectory. And the <phrase> tags around the tooltip content would still
> be there just like all other XML tags, which translators don't touch. So I
> imagine the UI could pull tooltip content from each language directory in
> the repo, then at runtime display the right tooltip strings using the same
> mechanism as is used for any other localized UI text.

That's not how l10n works in Docbook - take a look at
docs/runbook/zh-CN which has a Chinese localized version of the 3.0.2
runbook. There's not even XML, hence my 'how is this gonna work'


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