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From David Nalley <>
Subject Re: May I know why is the "cloud-sccs" Information no longer available
Date Sun, 14 Oct 2012 01:12:48 GMT
On Sat, Oct 13, 2012 at 9:04 PM, Chip Childers
<> wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 13, 2012 at 7:42 PM, Chandan Purushothama
> <> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> On the latest build
I observed that I can no longer use "cloud-sccs" to obtain the git commit id Information of
the build used. I observed that the sccs-info file under /user/share/doc/cloud/ has been replaced
with version-info file. Version-info file has the ASF License and Implementation_Version Information
(looks like the timestamp of the build creation). May I know whether the git commit information
has been intentionally removed from the location. If Yes, May I know how will I be able to
figure out whether the build used has a particular commit id ? Kindly let me know.
>> The following is what I see on my management server:
>> asf@Rack3Host11:/opt/cloud/CloudStack-oss-4.0.0-524$ cloud-sccs
>> error: SCCS info file '/usr/share/doc/cloud/sccs-info' cannot be found
>> asf@Rack3Host11:/opt/cloud/CloudStack-oss-4.0.0-524$ sudo cloud-sccs
>> error: SCCS info file '/usr/share/doc/cloud/sccs-info' cannot be found
>> asf@Rack3Host11:/opt/cloud/CloudStack-oss-4.0.0-524$ sudo su
>> root@Rack3Host11:/opt/cloud/CloudStack-oss-4.0.0-524# cloud-sccs
>> error: SCCS info file '/usr/share/doc/cloud/sccs-info' cannot be found
>> root@Rack3Host11:/opt/cloud/CloudStack-oss-4.0.0-524# cd /usr/share/doc/cloud
>> cloud/            cloud-client/     cloud-core/       cloud-python/     cloud-server/
>> cloud-awsapi/     cloud-client-ui/  cloud-deps/       cloud-scripts/    cloud-setup/
>> root@Rack3Host11:/opt/cloud/CloudStack-oss-4.0.0-524# cd /usr/share/doc/cloud/
>> root@Rack3Host11:/usr/share/doc/cloud# ls
>> version-info
>> root@Rack3Host11:/usr/share/doc/cloud# vim version-info
>> root@Rack3Host11:/usr/share/doc/cloud#
>> Thank you,
>> Chandan.
> David had to remove that, due to CLOUDSTACK-329.  Building from a
> non-git cloned copy is a requirement for the source distribution.
> -chip

Yes - I removed it - even though the function that creates sccs-info
and configure-info have statements that fill this with non-helpful
information, apparently it wasn't making it to those cases. The fact
that this has been a long complained about problem for folks building
cloudstack (Wido raised this concern about a year ago) and the fact
that in 4.1 we are finally defenstrating waf convinced me we could do
without it at this point. Essentially if you have a copy of cloudstack
that doesn't generate this and your rpm build wasn't broken you are
within just a few revs of the tip of 4.0. (I didn't remove it from
master, as we are going to generate RPMs and DEBs without sccs-info.


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