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From Noah Slater <>
Subject Re: [ASFCS40] Redirect and as part of the 4.0 "release"
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2012 21:34:05 GMT
Responses inline.

For the record, I am +1 on redirecting both sites.

On Wed, Oct 3, 2012 at 9:46 PM, Mark Hinkle <> wrote:
> Also<> as it stands get's about
> 125,000 visits a month from organic search and tens of thousands of links
> to direct pages, you should 301 redirect the old to the new so all the
> search and hard link folks don't get 404'd.  You'll need someone to map all
> the redirects and it's not trivial.

One shortcut is a blanket redirect of any path to the root Apache
CloudStack homepage.

> Also If you break all those links traffic will drop pretty significantly
> IMHO until Google re-indexes and all the old content and then the number of
> people that would normally find out about<
>> through search wouldn't.

That's fine IMO.

> Also the content on the incubator site is pretty good for the hard-hitting
> sysadmin or open source guys but new users might be a little intimidated.

Who's our audience?

And, we have a chance to improve the website post-4.0. Should be an ongoing

> -  What should we do with the old content is do you want to keep it or
> move it to something like<>
> or the like?

I don't think we should set up another website. That will only add to the

Let's get an export of all the data, and fold it into our website or the

>  - Apache Incubator doesn't have forums so do you abandon the forums?
> (There are over 11,000 registered forum users)

Yes, abandon the forums.

Perhaps put up a page on our website with an explanation, saying we've
moved to the mailing lists.

Provide a link to the mailing list, and perhaps provide a link to a static
archive for the forums.

Not sure where you would host that. Who owns the content?

>  - Do you want to have a blog, move it to a new place or give it up?

Let's get a project blog at:

>  - Should we still announce events and do sign-ups (we have thousands of
> historical sign-ups for Build a Cloud Days and user conferences and the
> capability to send invites to past attendees based on geography etc. baked
> into the site).

Yep! On announce@a.o, user@, and dev@ along with the website, blog, and
Twitter account.

(I presume we have control of a CloudStack Twitter account.)

> - There are 30,000+ people signed up for a newsletter on<
>> when we donated the project to the ASF I stopped
> sending updates. Do you want to start doing that to help promote the
> project, migrate to some new system or some other option.

What sort of thing would you put in the news letter?

Can we use announce@a.o and the blog for this sort of stuff?

If not, do we want a project specific announce@?

I doubt many projects have such a thing, but it may be possible.

> - Alias a new community approved domain to the existing site eg
><>. test it to make sure it
> works and nothing's hard-coded or broken.

Let's not bifurcate our efforts or our community.

> - Really make sure that the incubator site experience is good (my pet
> peeve is that there is no common navigation to get from bugs to docs to the
> main site)

I don't think this should block 4.0. Also, patches welcome! :)

> - Then point<> to the Incubator site
> -


> - Divide content for Apache CloudStack development to<
>> and really work on the user experience for
> developers and start migrating content systematically to Apache.

Not sure what you mean by this.

> - Come to consensus on what to do with the old content on CloudStack (i'll
> volunteer to keep it maintained and collaborate with whomever the PPMC
> wants to give access to is cool with me) until we decide.

A static export would be nice, but I don't know where it would be hosted,
or who owns the rights. Do you?



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