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From Alex Huang <>
Subject RE: [DISCUSS][ASFCS40] Status of getting to a 4.0.0 release?
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2012 17:04:45 GMT
> CLOUDSTACK-267: Migration of VM in KVM host is not happening because...
> Edison, you marked this bug as closed and that it was fixed in
> c8afd816965786441e4b6f855b141d7515f15f6a.  Was this patch applied to the
> 4.0 branch?  If so, should we update the fix version to be 4.0.0?
> If not, should it be applied to 4.0?

I looked at this checkin.  It is in 4.0 branch.  I've updated the bug appropriately.
> I would also suggest that we consider a 4.0.1 release that includes the
> completed docs (and nothing else).  I think that once we get ourselves
> through our first official release process, we shouldn't be shy with releasing
> new minor updates.

This is something I do want to discuss perhaps in another thread.  The problem with releases
is that there's really no automated testing.  Until we get that almost every release will
be difficult.  The QA test cycle for 4.0 release was close to three weeks.  I think cutting
a release for doc changes (especially since most docs will be online and can be fixed and
updated even after the release is over) is probably not worth the effort.

I do think cutting another release to include auto-scaling and brocade and full maven build
support might be worthwhile.


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