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From Wido den Hollander <>
Subject [ASF40][DISCUSS] Split AWS API / CloudBridge into a separate project
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2012 11:32:27 GMT

I started a innocent thread on the -dev list yesterday[0] about some 
packaging remarks regarding the AWS API aka CloudBridge.

This turned out to be a rather large thread where Edison mentioned[1] we 
might want to split this out into a separate repository.

Some time ago we agreed that we don't want to split CloudStack up into 
multiple smaller projects since it would be very hard to keep all the 
projects in sync.

I'm now looking at packaging AWS API into Deb files as by CS-294[2], but 
I'm thinking about Edison's remark.

I know this question might come at a awkward moment, just prior to the 
4.0 release, but when I create a cloud-awsapi Debian package people will 
start using it and we'll be dealing with the legacy at a later point.

If we create a "cloudbridge" package separate from the cloud-* packages 
we can move forward from there.

At the old Github account[3] there is even a separate CloudBridge 
repository, this got merged into master on May 25th of this year with 
commit bc7dbd7d9681dc2729326ff78fb5fe586b336b25

Since 4.0 is not out of the door yet, do we want to keep this in the 
cloudstack repository or split it out (again)?

I've seen numerous build failures with awsapi breaking master while it's 
not actually a part of the code base, so in this case I'm in favor of 
breaking it out, but we should discuss this.

Note: We already have a LOT of e-mail on this list, so can we try to 
stick ontopic here and keep it to the point? Tnx!



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