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From Rohit Yadav <>
Subject Rant: Request for better commit messages
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2012 07:01:24 GMT
Hi folks,

With due respect, I would like to request all the committers and contributors to write better
commit message. [0]

For example, a good commit message:;a=commit;h=384c03e42578f17432a483d5828aad64175d9c49

A good commit message subject should have something like this with 80 chars width:
<Header line>: <short log description>
<blank line>
<body of commit message, explain things why, what, how, etc. giving background>
<bulleted points help>
<blank line>
<Reported-by: if it's a bug>
<Reviewed-by: if it was reviewed>
<Signed-off: turn on signature in your .gitconfig>

This is what we follow on;a=shortlog and they are crazy
about commits and patches, they just don't accept junk messages, even if code is fine. You
may check, there is no or few reverts.

When something breaks, I check all last commits and do a git log -p <file> to go through
recent changes to a file, in case I think something broke I like to identify the changes that
may have caused it instead of fixing it which may introduce further problems. I use tig and
zsh to regularly follow commits and read commit messages.

Also, please fix your editors and follow coding conventions.

[0] (at the end)

PS. I had to email about it as we're uncool with our git commit habits, we are doing triple
or quadruple reverts, we need to fix our habits.;a=commit;h=7bcbae5e91a4cd122d0efa7f2542eab73debb6df;a=commit;h=c49f3beccfcd1257eca1ea06606fb55b3fdf5093;a=commit;h=66daa1a2bc6e86adea265a8a0b8b512756c8f77c;a=commit;h=828fa3389bbe7cd0378c4e55152d671932badca2;a=commit;h=bb7f9ad9774019f4fdb4d72b2e32a36df9c89188;a=commit;h=75e2a1012fccc01c639c7f41be564ac0e32088fb;a=commit;h=5078dff6e76649fbc51e2b9c003fd8e03eef18f3;a=commit;h=850433240401cd318f1d8d8b0fa2032a60d52c1f
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