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From Shweta Agarwal <>
Subject RE: review comment for Reset ssh key functional spec
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2012 08:07:55 GMT
What about my scenario where in I want to update ssh key of my 100VMs having same ssh key pair
at one go .

Can we achieve it with current Api implementation .

From: Harikrishna Patnala
Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2012 12:30 PM
To: Shweta Agarwal;; #Cloud - QA Team
Subject: RE: review comment for Reset ssh key functional spec

*         The required parameters are listed In the FS and there are no optional parameters.

*         The password that it will return as a plain text in the response.

*         If the User VM is in running state, it is rebooted as part of the ssh key reset
to update the new ssh public key in VM (cloud-set-guest-sshkey script runs as a init service
in VM to get the new ssh public key from virtual router). If the VM is in stopped state, then
reset SSH api action won't reboot the VM.

*         But rebooting the VM as part of reset SSH key may lead to the loss of VM session.
So an optional parameter "forcereboot" can be put in the API call with the value "true/false".
If the VM is in running state and forcereboot is true then VM is rebooted after the reset
of SSH key. If the VM is in running state and forcereboot is false then an error message is
prompted saying "VM needs to be stopped".

Please review and comment on this.

From: Shweta Agarwal
Sent: 11 October 2012 10:42
To:; #Cloud - QA Team; Harikrishna Patnala
Subject: review comment for Reset ssh key functional spec

My review comment for ResetSSHkey Functional spec

*         In the API parameters Please mention which all parameters are required and which
all are optional.

*         The password which it will return in the response to  resetSSHKeyForVirtualMachine
api will it be encrypted password or in plain text .

*         What will happen to the current session of the VM which user has  login with the
old password when you will change the password

*         More over a design consideration

*         When i have several VM  with same SSH keypair and my private key is compromised
.I would like to change Keypair of all my VMs having old keypair . So  is there a way to do
the same  with the current API design . I definitely don't want to iterate the entire process
Per VM ;if I have let say 100 VMs. For example If i give my oldkeypair name and new keypair
name then it should change the keypair of all the VMs having old keypair of my account.



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