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From Chiradeep Vittal <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] About shipping a non-OSS CloudStack
Date Fri, 14 Sep 2012 17:08:35 GMT

On 9/14/12 8:27 AM, "Wido den Hollander" <> wrote:

>On 09/14/2012 05:23 PM, Rohit Yadav wrote:
>> On 14-Sep-2012, at 8:43 PM, Prasanna Santhanam
>><> wrote:
>>> Until CloudStack 3.0.2 - VMWare support existed in cloudstack and with
>>> the ASF builds we will effectively 'break' this since VMWare is
>>> non-oss. There are other components too but VmWare is the bigger
>>> piece.
>>> Hosters and EndUsers would be affected by this. Is there a plan on
>>> creating the non-oss builds once we have OSS fixed and cleared? I
>>> didn't see a discussion on this.
>>> In my opinion we have three options:
>>> 1) Instructions for users to build non-oss components from source
>>> 2) Have private hosters/packagers have these binaries in their
>>> repositories and point the endusers to these
>>> 3) We create a maven profile to fetch (curl) the non-oss jars from a
>>> non-ASF location, compile against CS, put the artifact on jenkins.c.o
>> How about option 3 is feasible in a slightly modified way:
>> We host nonoss-libs/jars in non-ASF infrastructure, the ASF CI/Jenkins
>>fetches them in a directory.
>> ACS is build against them, and packaged as debs/rpm and separate
>>bin-tarball (oss and nonoss).

For developers / committers, it would be nice to have a place to download
these non-oss jars.

>My intention was to build the Debian/Ubuntu packages with non-OSS
>support, same goes for the RPM packages.
>Since they are hosted on non-ASF infra it shouldn't be a problem.

Does not solve the problem for developers? I am currently downloading them
from the repository history.

>> The non-oss package are only plugins and these built packages
>>(debs/rpms) are copied to the same non-ASF infrastructure/repo.
>> The CI cleans all non-oss packages. ASF hosts only the oss ones.
>> Thoughts?
>>> Thoughts? Flames?
>> +1 for bringing this to the community.
>> --
>> Rohit
>>> --
>>> Prasanna.,


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