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From Edison Su <>
Subject RE: System Template and in dev environment
Date Mon, 17 Sep 2012 18:14:30 GMT
This is a bug, I fixed in master branch, preinstall system vm template doesn't need
I use the following command to preinstall template on my machine:
In cloudstack source code folder:
scripts/storage/secondary/cloud-install-sys-tmplt -m secondary-storage-mount-point  -h xenserver
-u url-of-system-vm-template -e vhd -t 1
  "-t 1" for xenserver, "-t 3" for kvm, "-t 8" for vmware.

Use "ant deploydb" instead of "cloud-setup-database" to deploy db.
Use "ant deploy-server" instead of "cloud-setup-management" to deploy mgt server.
Use "ant debug" instead of "service cloud-management server" to start server.

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> From: Busy Dev []
> Sent: Monday, September 17, 2012 4:32 AM
> To:
> Subject: System Template and in dev environment
> I have over the past several days trying to get my development
> environment
> up and running (this is all on one machine).  I followed the "Temporary
> Build Process on ASF Master" and was able to get the server to run.
>  However, when I try to add a host, I am not able to - I suspect that
> it is
> because I did not run "*cloud-install-sys-tmplt*" on my dev machine.
>  However, when I do run it, the script complains that it cannot access
> "*
> /etc/cloud/management/*".  This then leads to the
> following
> question - "what about the other scripts that are normally run during
> install like "cloud-setup-databases" and "cloud-setup-management"?  It
> seems most, if not all config files are not setup properly?
> Do I need to run the regular install package first on my machine
> (management and agent) before calling "ant" for the very first time?
> Thanks

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