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From Alex Huang <>
Subject [AFSCS40] Drive to clear the review board
Date Mon, 24 Sep 2012 18:26:59 GMT
I want to thank everyone for taking time out of their busy schedule to clear up the review
board.  What a great job!  We're basically in our last stretch now.  We've reduced from 60+
mostly code related reviews down to about 27 reviews.  The majority of the 27 reviews left
are in docs, licensing, build, or unrelated to 4.0.  There's only a few 4.0 code related reviews
that need to be reviewed and committed.  Please take a look.  Thanks again for your hardwork!

All you have to do is look up your name and then look to see if the review has been changed
from yesterday.  If you haven't kept track of this daily email, then you need to look at all
the items under your name and work on all of them.  Please scan the list for your name.

- The first column is the review #. 
- The second column is for who to take action.  
- The third column is the version this patch should go into.  If it is 4+, you don't have
to take action before 4.0 release.  
- The fourth column is if the review has changed since last push.  If you're following this
email daily, you should be able to just monitor this column to determine if there's new action
item for you since the last push.
- The fifth column is what I believe is the action needed to close out this review.

5655	Hugo	4+		Respond to Review
5806	Deepti/Nitin	4		Nitin to respond to diff and commit if okay to ship
6473	Jamshid	4		Mark as submit
6492	Krishna	4+		Respond to review comments
6523	Nitin	4+		Respond to Rohit
6614	Krishna	4+		Respond to review.
6702	Vijay	4		Responde to review
6733	Gregg	4		Mark as submit
6781	Alena	4+		Respond to questions
6881	Jie	4		Mark as submit
6937	Pradeep	4		Review
6941	Pradeep	4		Review and Commit
7013	Pradeep	4		Respond to comment
7018	Nitin	4		Commit it
7083	Pradeep	4	Y	Resubmit with changes to review
7099		4+		
7106	Jessica T	4		Review and Commit
7109	Jessica T	4		Review and Commit
7130	Abhi	4		Review and commit
7165		4+	Y	
7168	Kishan		Y	Determine if this needs to go in 4.0
7187	Marcus	4+	Y	
7192		4+	Y	
7204		4+	Y	
7205		4+	Y	
7220	Pradeep	4	Y	Mark as submit

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