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From Sudha Ponnaganti <>
Subject [ASFCS40] QA Scrum Meeting Minutes - 09/13/2012
Date Fri, 14 Sep 2012 05:52:52 GMT
Operational Test Plan -
Test Execution Reports -

-	non-OSS components deployment need to be streamlined right away - validation is starting
and team would use manual procedure for time being
-	There are around 31 fixed issues and team can close the blockers which they have already
-	Some team members may be able to finish early so additional topics can be taken up
-              Engaging couple of members to do some adhoc testing
-              This is open to community as well if anyone is interested, will send GTM invite

-	Quick install will be added to the test plan - Abhinav
-	Blocked issues are fixed - will make progress for fresh install on Ubuntu and upgrade

Management Server:
-	Made good progress with dashboard and projects (70% +). Picking up generic UI, accounts
and domains next
-	Clustered mgmt. server testing will be taken up by Angie next week 
-	Storage migration validation in progress today ( storage testing will be taken up next week)

-	Static NAT and Source NAT validation in progress
-	Similarly DomR, Guest Network, Shared Network validation has started and picking up 
-	Testing in general is a little behind schedule - test case targeting is finished and will
pick it up next week 

Hypervisors and Guest OS:
-	Made 70% + progress in validation of Snapshot Mgmt., templates/ISOs and volumes
-	Basic concepts of zones, pods, clusters, hosts are also done around same %age

Additional topics listed in TP:
-	Looking for community participation in those areas.

Will post MoM/ Metrics on ASF Wiki going forward

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From: Sailaja Mada [] 
Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2012 11:29 PM
Subject: [ASFCS40] QA Scrum Meeting Minutes


Please find QA Scrum meting minutes below :

Operational Test Plan -
Test Execution Reports -

1.       Installation

a.       QA team to use Ubuntu build based on the instructions provided by Edison

b.      Upgrade -  Need confirmation that all code changes are done for upgrade script. However
Abhinav  will try and log a blocking issue to get that process started with development

c.       Once official builds are available, will certify the builds

2.       Management Server

a.       Execution is in progress. Minor issue related to projects is logged

3.       Networking

a.       Execution is in  progress

b.      Chandan is targeting test cases - Need to finish by tomorrow and execution is yet
to start - installations done

c.       Couple of defects logged by sadhu and those are assigned

4.       Hypervisors and Guest OS

a.       Execution is in progress - Minor functional issue related to snapshots is logged.
No blockers for execution

Thanks and Regards,

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