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From Hugo Trippaers <>
Subject Re: when OVS tunnel manager is not used, isolationMethods parameter passed to createPhysicalNetwork API is being ignored.
Date Mon, 17 Sep 2012 21:34:19 GMT
Hey Jessica,

The drops own is now also used to select the STT isolation type. This one does not depend
on any flags and is an implementation that is separate from the OVS implementation.

The end user should alway be allowed to select either vlan isolation or STT based isolation
and later configure the Nicira support on the physical network. So I removed the flag to check
for OVS support at that is no longer the only implementation of SDN that is supported by CloudStack.

Hope this explains the change.



Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad

Op 17 sep. 2012 om 20:58 heeft "Jessica Wang" <<>>
het volgende geschreven:

Hugo, Murali,

Your UI change at 2012-07-11 (“Phase 1 of Nicira integration”) made Zone Wizard skip the
checking of global setting "sdn.ovs.controller" and show Isolation Method dropdown regardless
of value of global setting "sdn.ovs.controller".
Is there any specific reason to do so?

We use value of global setting "sdn.ovs.controller" (true/false) to determine whether to show
Isolation Method dropdown during Advanced zone creation.
Because when OVS tunnel manager is not used (i.e. when “sdn.ovs.controller”=false), isolationMethods
parameter passed to createPhysicalNetwork API is being ignored. Thus, Isolation Method dropdown
shouldn’t show when “sdn.ovs.controller”=false.



Author: Hugo Trippaers <<>>
 2012-07-11 16:14:28
Committer: Murali Reddy <<>>
 2012-07-11 17:16:06
Parent: 968752071291f3cc47b86ff67289d7cfc7cac3dd (applying Chip Childer's patches for license
headers in the ui directory)
Child:  1075344f03e836de5b11222aaf68b90bdd4a9531 (CS-15353: Larger click boxes in UI.)
Branches: autoscale, master, remotes/cloudcom/asf_autoscale, remotes/origin/4.0, remotes/origin/asf-4.0,
remotes/origin/autoscale, remotes/origin/deps-ctrl, remotes/origin/gradle, remotes/origin/javelin,
remotes/origin/master, remotes/origin/maven, remotes/origin/maven-waf, remotes/origin/rbd,
remotes/origin/storagerefactor, remotes/origin/tampa, remotes/origin/vm-snapshot, remotes/origin/vpc,
Follows: tag-3.0.1-prerelease-1

    Phase 1 of Nicira integration

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