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From Wido den Hollander <>
Subject [ASF40] [DISCUSS] Rename cloud-agent-scripts to cloud-scripts
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2012 17:22:33 GMT

While working on the Ubuntu packaging I found out that the management 
server actually requires a script from the cloud-agent-scripts package, 
the "" script.

The management server uses this script to inject the public SSH key into 
the systemvm.iso.

The problem with this is that both the scripts and systemvm ISO are 
placed in /usr/lib/cloud/agent/* when installed.

I think it's very confusing that on the management server you have a 
package called "cloud-agent-scripts" and files placed in 

My suggestion is to rename the cloud-agent-scripts package to 
cloud-scripts, I'd actually prefer cloud-common-scripts since that seems 
to be odd compared to our current package naming.

I'd like to place the scripts and systemvm ISO in /usr/lib/cloud/common 
instead of the current "agent" directory.

The management server only needs the "" script, so 
installing all the scripts there seems a bit overdone, but I don't want 
to create another package for just the script.

Does my suggestions seems reasonable for renaming this package and 
changing the location of these files?


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