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From David Nalley <>
Subject Re: [DOCS] Proposed technique for making tooltips from doc XML files
Date Sat, 29 Sep 2012 01:42:45 GMT
Sorry for top posting. 
Where is this roadmap you speak of? Functional spec? 
Link to the discussion about the feature? (or is this the initial discussion?)
Link to demo?

Does phraseid or any other tags you will use break anything in publican builds? Is this a
connection over the network to get access to the content or are you bundling docs in the -client
package? I understand what you are trying to do, but don't understand the mechanics of how
you are planning to deliver the content. 


On Sep 28, 2012, at 1:44 PM, Jessica Tomechak <> wrote:

> There is an upcoming feature on the roadmap called context-sensitive help.
> We want to add help links and tool tips (1-sentence rollover popups) to the
> CloudStack UI.
> I've been working with the CloudStack UI guys on a way to pull tooltip
> strings right from the doc source files. This way, we don't have a separate
> resource file with out-of-sync texts. We can simply tag phrases in the XML
> source with unique identifiers, then the code can feed those strings into
> the UI by mapping our text identifiers to the UI element identifiers. We
> did a little demo of this and it works really well.
> Before I set about tagging everything in the doc repo with these tooltip
> identifiers, I wanted to see if we have any comments on the following:
> (1) Is context sensitive UI help high priority for Apache CloudStack?
> (2) Is the technique we came up with optimal?
> For our demo, we added human-readable IDs to the descriptions of some
> dialog box input fields, like so:
> <section id="creating-network-offerings">
>    <title>Creating a New Network Offering</title>
>    <para>To create a network offering:</para>
> ...
>        <listitem><para>Click Add Network Offering.</para></listitem>
>        <listitem><para>In the dialog, make the following choices:</para>
>        <itemizedlist>
> <listitem><para>Name. <phrase id="helpNetworkOfferingName">Any desired
> for the network offering</phrase></para></listitem>
> <listitem><para>Description. <phrase id="helpNetworkOfferingDescription">A
> short description of the offering that can be displayed to
> users</phrase></para></listitem>
> Jessica T.
> CloudStack Tech Pubs

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