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Subject BUG: cloud-config-agent breaks libvirtd (rel 3.02)
Date Tue, 14 Aug 2012 07:01:26 GMT
This is totally not cool. Running this tool modifies not just, but also just appends stuff to
/etc/libvirt/{qemu.conf,libvirtd.conf} and /etc/sysconfig/libvirtd. And
due to a disagreement between the changes to qemu.conf and
sysconfig/libvirtd, manages to break libvirtd. Nice! At no time did the
tool notify the admin as to WHAT files it was modifying and more than
likely breaking, but it also didn't bother to save the originals so the
changes could be undone if needed. This is BASIC etiquette!

In "qemu.conf" it uses 'cgroup_controllers=["cpu"]' but in
/etc/sysconfig/libvirtd it uses 'CGROUP_DAEMON='cpu:/virt' which is
apparently an illegal value. Not to mention it invokes 'export' to share
the variable which is a *major* no-no.

This kind of nonsense might be excusable in a <1.0 release, but not this
many iterations into it. Is there no QA team? I know "cloud" is new and
all but come on. How can the project possibly think people should consider
CS if the product if rife with bugs, ridiculous assumptions and
limitations, etc? I'll GLADLY take a CLI-only toolset that works correctly
over a damn web UI and wizards and other tripe that breaks in mysterious
ways with no straightforward way to recover.

Is OpenStack written with as much care? Guess I'll go find out.

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