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From Chiradeep Vittal <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Breaking CloudStack into subprojects
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2012 22:07:46 GMT

On 8/15/12 2:53 PM, "Kelven Yang" <> wrote:

>On 8/15/12 2:42 PM, "Alex Huang" <> wrote:
>>After doing the merge over process one time, I realize something is wrong
>>with CS structure.  We should think about fixing this.
>>The problems I found are
>>- I know nothing about the UI but I'm responsible for it.
>>- Someone who is a committer can actually check into areas they know
>>absolutely nothing about.
>>- As a release manager, I have no way of knowing whether someone doing a
>>checkin is actually an expert in that part of the code because of the
>>So this reminded me of a conversation I had with Amr Awadallah,
>>Cloudera's CTO, when CS joined Apache incubation.  I was picking his
>>brains about how CS should work in Apache given his experience with
>>Hadoop.  His suggested that we break CS into multiple subprojects.  We
>>admit committers to the subprojects based on their experience with that
>>I like to see what's the community's response to a structure like that.
>>Through Murali's work, CloudStack has already been broken down into finer
>>set of plugins.  We can start with every jar is a sub project with
>>committers assigned to them.  It will take a little time to sort out but
>>it will make going forward a lot easier.
>>Please comment.

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