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From Kelven Yang <>
Subject Re: [Discuss] VM Snapshot
Date Mon, 06 Aug 2012 21:15:48 GMT

We've been discussing this many times before. VM snapshot with VSS support
is very important for many enterprise applications. However, there is a
reason and a challenge to fill the gap of what we used to call VM centric
model vs Amazon Volume centric model in previous CloudStack. We will need
to add more VM level management logic at architecture level, would love to
see more discussions on this topic


On 8/6/12 11:16 AM, "Alex Huang" <> wrote:

>Some of the concepts in CloudStack follows too closely to what Amazon EC2
>APIs do.  Snapshots (really backup as you pointed out) is one such
>In CloudStack storage, we should clearly distinguish between
>-Primary Storage Volume Access
>-Snapshots (VM based)
>-Backup (Moving snapshots off of primary storage and into a backing store)
>I caution that because CloudStack backup process does not account for
>extra snapshots in the XenServer VHD chain, the changes this introduces
>will be substantial.
>Edison is also planning to work in this area.  Edison, can you discuss
>what you have so far?
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>> From: Mice Xia []
>> Sent: Sunday, August 05, 2012 7:50 PM
>> To:
>> Subject: [Discuss] VM Snapshot
>> Hi, All,
>> I¹d like to propose a new feature ŒVM snapshot¹.
>> Currently CS support volume snapshot, which is an EC-2 like public cloud
>> solution.
>> IMO, it addresses problems like Œwhat if my volume lost or broke down,
>> what if my primary storage got an unrecoverable disruption¹, in other
>> it¹s more like a backup solution, and it does take considerable long
>>time to
>> backup and restore, especially for large volumes which are unfortunately
>> favored by customers.
>> What I want to propose is snapshots on VM, just like what Xenserver and
>> VMware ESXi do.
>> It addresses requirement such as 'I want to save everything right now
>>so that
>> I can roll back in the future, and both operations can be done within
>> mainly used for private cloud.
>> Plan for the first stage consists of support in Xenserver and ESXi, and
>> requirements are as followings:
>> - Create VM snapshot. VM snapshot consists of: its CPU/memory status
>> Xenserver it needs enterprise version), and volumes; service offerings.
>> stored in PS, snapshots are removed when VM is expunged.
>> - List snapshots for a specified VM
>> - Rollback VM to a specified VM
>> - Delete a specified snapshot
>> - Does not conflict with volume snapshot
>> - Create and restore should be done within seconds.
>> Before I started off writing some documents on wiki and merge code, I'd
>> to welcome any comments and flames.
>> Regards
>> Mice

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