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From Mark Hinkle <>
Subject Re: CloudStack Events Plans
Date Sun, 05 Aug 2012 18:50:18 GMT

On 8/3/12 5:46 PM, "Kevin Kluge" <> wrote:

>Mark, thanks for sharing your thoughts.   I was at OSCON and thought
>CloudStack had a good booth.  Everybody loved the monkey shirts!

I didn't make the original monkey shirts but I got the artwork I posted an
updated design with the url. I also posted the vector art
so if someone has some design skills we could print up something better.

>I'd also suggest getting some cards or some such thing with the
> URL.  If I recall correctly the monkey shirt does not have
>the URL.  People wanted to know where to go to download the binary.

I have a laptop sticker design with the URL and Cloud monkey logo attached
to the events page<>. I thought we could back print
the stickers with a little description of Apache CloudStack and anything
else we think is appropriate.

>Also, I assume all community members are welcome to staff the booth for
>Apache CloudStack?

It would be great to have some more people helping with the booth. If
anyone wants to help at any of the upcoming events. Let me know and I'll
do my best to get everyone show passes and Apache CloudStack shirts to
wear while staffing the booth.

I'll do a better job once we agree that these events are approved to
provide an invite to anyone who wants to participate.

Regards, Mark 

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>> From: Hinkle Mark R. []
>> Sent: Friday, August 03, 2012 11:19 AM
>> To:
>> Subject: CloudStack Events Plans
>> Hello,
>> Before CloudStack became Apache CloudStack we kept a pretty aggressive
>> events schedule focused on evangelism and education of users on how to
>> deploy CloudStack clouds primarily at open source venues (e.g. Linuxcon,
>> Linuxfests), via free webinars and cloud computing events. Typically
>> events were organized by David Nalley and I and underwritten by Citrix
>> conducted under the CloudStack brand. I would like to continue to do
>>this as
>> appropriate with Apache CloudStack. <>
>> We now have additional evangelists (like Joe Brockmeier and Sebastien
>> Goasguen) dedicated to promoting and aiding the Apache CloudStack
>> 100% of the time as well as other committers and developers we would
>> to leverage. We also want want to get the broader Apache CloudStack
>> community involved in not only the development but the promotion of the
>> software. I created this wiki page <> with some
>> proposed plans to promote Apache CloudStack for the rest of the year
>>and I
>> am soliciting input, support, PMC approval and if need be flames.
>> We also want to whenever possible support other members of the
>> community at their events when they promote CloudStack. I am not sure
>> what that could mean but if anyone needs assistance or has ideas let me
>> know (at the very least I can probably help cover the pizza and beer;).
>> Thanks, Mark
>> Mark R. Hinkle
>> Senior Director, Cloud Computing Community Citrix
>> e:
>> twitter: @mrhinkle
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>> Join us on #cloudstack

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