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From David Nalley <>
Subject selenium
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2012 12:45:48 GMT
Hi folks,

I originally thought that Selenium was just added as a convenience for
future testing plans
(tools/tooljars/cloud-selenium-java-client-driver.jar) but it seems it
is actually a dependency for the compile-testclient target.

Then I thought it shouldn't be a problem to move this and add this as
a downloadable dependency. So I start looking for
selenium-client-driver.jar - and I find that's a very old version
(1.0.x timeframe, about 4 years old) but undeterred, I keep looking
and find the referenced jar, and make that part of my resolveBuildDeps
target. So it gets downloaded and my build still fails, except it's
complaining about not being able to find package
org.openqa.selenium.server......which also strikes me as odd. So I
check the size of the newly download version, 54k, and I check the
original and that is 16M - so clearly they are not the same thing.

The code that requires this hasn't been touched since before the 3.0.x
UI came out, so I question if it is even usable anymore.
Second, where did this jar actually come from? It looks like all of
selenium in a single jar.

UPDATE: This appears to be selenium-server-1.0.3-standalone.jar.
Interesting obfuscation scheme at work.


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