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From David Nalley <>
Subject Re: [DOCS] links within a document.
Date Thu, 16 Aug 2012 19:49:14 GMT
On Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 3:37 PM, sebgoa <> wrote:
> On Aug 16, 2012, at 3:20 PM, David Nalley wrote:
>> So we have a mass of xml files that are assembled into different
>> documents by other XML files.
>> So for something I was playing with locally, I built the developers
>> guide, or well, tried to. It failed (for multiple reasons) I fixed the
>> first, and started to fix the second, when I realized that this could
>> easily be a much larger issue, and so I figured I'd bring it here for
>> discussion.
>> As a side note, I started adding documents to be built in jenkins so
>> we can start catching this kind of thing, but the log for
>> cloudstack-dev-guide is good for this conversation.
>> You'll see there is a link to a document, that within the developers
>> guide, doesn't exist. So building the document fails. I am sure that
>> we use that link in other documents, that we assemble but not in this
>> one.
>> Curious as to your thoughts on this - do we just have lots of CI that
>> catches it for us? Is there some way to catch this without CI?
>> --David
> David, IMHO we need to decide on what guides we want to have for 4.0(I have not seen
such discussion), it will be a subset of all the documentation we have out there.

That is a valid point. I guess we've operated under the assumption
that the documentation set wouldn't change from 3.0.2. to 4.0, but it
could potentially.

> Then we work on migrating the rest (what is not in publican fmt right now) as well as
updating/correcting it.
> I don't think we should automate right now, we should do a manual configuration of couple
guides that are going to build for the release. We could decide on that during the IRC meeting.
Then Joe can build them :)

We can not make decisions on IRC.
Decisions must be made here, on the mailing list. Please don't
hesitate to start the conversation.

> In that particular case that would mean removing cloud-infrastructure-overview, the title
in itself tells me that this does not fit in a developer guide.

Yeah, I am not so worried about the particular case, it's really easy
to solve, I am more worried about the larger principle.

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