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From Outback Dingo <>
Subject Re: Networking question
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2012 22:26:43 GMT
On Thu, Aug 9, 2012 at 4:53 PM, Matthew Patton <> wrote:
> On Thu, 09 Aug 2012 16:26:02 -0400, Outback Dingo <>
> wrote:
>> we dont have VLAN capable switches
> I rather doubt that. Every tom dick and harry switch manufacturer of even
> the cheapest PoS I've run across knows what to do with VLAN tags. What you
> can't do, is control at the port level which VLANs are accepted or rejected
> or choose between access/trunk/general mode. Basically the SOHO switches run
> in General mode with a PVID of 1.
> If you want VLAN tags in such an environment you have to set them at the
> Operating System. Have you tried that?
> Switches are dirt cheap. Even if you do have the world's sorriest excuse of
> switching technology, go on ebay or your electronics store and for quite
> less than $500 get yourself a proper switch. Whinging about CS requiring
> VLANs is not going to accomplish anything when the correct solution is to
> spend a very small amount of money, is just silly.

Excuse me, whos whining...... Really......! Have you maybe considered
we dont all
have required budgets to tear apart existing functional infrastructure
on a whim.

> You shelled out for VTx capable CPUs and a few fat sticks of RAM didn't you?
> That costs a hell of a lot more than a proper switch.

Have you also considered maybe, a NGO or non-profit might have had the
equipment donated ??
which might not have included switches...... or other neccessary items.

Sorry for thinking that if XEN/XCP would allow us to utilize their
software without issue in our
current functional environment, then we were curious why CS forced the
use of VLANs, thats all
We simply put were adding our experience with CS networking
functionality. Excuse us for not
having the corporate million dollar budgets to do with as we please
when we see fit... By the way

Your quite competant at ASSuming that we have huge budgets.......!
self righteous non the less,
Im sure you have all the answers to everyones network pains come work
in a third world country for
a non-profit NGO trying to help those in need.  We dont all have your
luxuries to deploy and tinker with on a whim......

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> Cloud Services Architect, Senior System Administrator
> InfoRelay Online Systems (

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