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From Tomoe Sugihara <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Binaries (jars) in our source tree/source releases.
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2012 23:19:52 GMT
On Fri, Aug 10, 2012 at 7:56 AM, Ewan Mellor <> wrote:
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>> From: David Nalley []
>> [Snip]
>> The thread started because the current system isn't really a system,
>> it's just a folder full of binary jars which we were advised against
>> (and saw another incubator project taken to task by the IPMC). As I
>> said elsewhere, I am not opposed to do something else (Maven, Ivy,
>> Gradle, $somethingelse), but who is going to pick it up, get it
>> running, and educate the rest of us between now and a 4.0 release? The
>> proposed intermediate solution is admittedly inelegant, ugly and
>> little better than a shell script, but I doubt there is anyone here
>> who doesn't understand it, and it keeps the build system that does at
>> least build.
>> I personally wouldn't mind picking this up after 4.0 (and learning
>> something new in the process), but just have no cycles at the moment
>> to do so. I am happy for someone else to do it, we just haven't had
>> anyone jumping to own the task.
> Yes, I've noticed the lack of people stepping forward ;-)
> If it comes down to it, then I will do it.  That's going to take me away from other release-related
tasks, but Chip and John and you seem to have most of that under control anyway, so we can
probably afford it.
> If I'm the one who does it, then I'm going to use Gradle unless someone tells me otherwise.
 I have been reading around, and the frustrations that I've had with Maven in the past are
precisely the ones that Gradle was designed to address, and I think that it's a good choice
for us.  I am open to other people throwing their $0.02 into that discussion, but they'll
have to do it soon!

Hi Ewan,

I'd be happy to help although I can't take charge or guarantee how
much time I can spend.
I'd argue that we should have a better build system in place before
the release as It'll be a big pain
to having to deal with multiple build methods.

I have an experience in Maven, but open to new (supposedly better) one.


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