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From Alex Huang <>
Subject RE: License header update for Wednesday August 8
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2012 20:41:14 GMT

I've removed the Base64 file from the utils branch.

>   Sun Licenses:
>     Alex is working on removing these files, and pulling in a jar during build.
> We'll need to add the CDDL licensing to the NOTICE file once that work's
> complete.
>     incubator-cloudstack/utils/src/javax/ejb/
>     incubator-cloudstack/utils/src/javax/persistence/
>     incubator-
> cloudstack/utils/src/javax/persistence/

I've removed these files and pulled in the following two jars from the maven repository: cloud-ejb-api-3.0.jar
and cloud-javax.persistence-2.0.0.jar.  I've placed the files into the deps directory so when
we decide on what to do with dependency, we can handle these files together.  

During the removal, I realized people have actually changed these annotations.  Here's how
I dealt with the changes.

- encryptTable was added to the Column annotation:  I added an Encrypt annotation and changed
all of the fields that had this set to true to have the @Encrypt annotation.  I would prefer
that we do not deviate from standard javax.persistence even in this case but we'll have to
deal with that later.  I've filed for someone to
look into removing the @Encrypt annotation altogether.

- join was added to the SecondaryTable annotation.  I added JoinType annotation to replace
this modification for now.  I've filed for someone
to remove the JoinType annotation.  The usage for this is only at SecurityGroupRulesVO and
that is only used for API so we should be able to remove it once API moves to a different
search framework.


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